Will legalizing recreational marijuana really change everything, or anything foolish about using pot except the illusion of beauty in the eyes of users, both under or over 21 years of age?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, “Legal pot on Jan. 1 changes everything, contained a profound statement by a psychologist which explains what happens when you legalize folly in the eyes of the public.

“Once you legalize a drug, it changes everything. It changes the stigma, the risk of arrest, accessibility and frequency of use.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate the psychologist’s statement to four other profound statements.

 One made 3000 years ago is still n relative contemporary times and to express my opinion what would have been a wiser alternative than passing a law to promote folly in our Nation.

 This ancient ageless common-sense wisdom alternative has been proven effective in both ancient and contemporary times, and should have been considered before politicians voted to legalize recreational pot, in my opinion.

  1. “There is nothing new under the sun.”
  2. “There is a sucker born every minute.”
  3. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”
  4. “It pays to advertise.”

King Solomon

Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools. (Proverbs 19:29)

 She (Wisdom ) speaks her words:
22 “How long, you [j]simple ones, will you love [k]simplicity?
For scorners delight in their scorning,
And fools hate knowledge.(Proverbs 1:21, 22)

What’s My Points?

In our contemporary times and society, I do not agree with the ancient method of whipping fools which the proverb refers to “stripes.”

The selection of this proverb is only to raise awareness of the lack of wisdom to require fools to be responsible and accountable for their personal choices. And when their choices result in the need for medical or social help remedies, rehabilitation, etc., the cost is often paid for by others who make wise, lawful, or more prudent choices in life.

As the psychologist advised: “Once you legalize a drug, it changes everything” in the eyes of beholders.

When there is no accountability or responsibly for people who choose to engage in folly, whether it is wise or foolish to their health or welfare of themselves, their loved ones, their community, or their Maker, it is too convenient or easy tor fools and/or scorners to not be concerned about their actions.

For example, in ancient times, fools were whipped and the lash stripes on their backs served as an example of the consequences of personal foolish choices to scorners of common sense or community.

For Example

When the  USA  passed Obamacare to make all taxpayers pay or cover all medical expenses including foolish  personal choices, risky or unhealth lifestyles for everyone, it serve to promote and include scorners to believe  the consequence and medical care will be paid for by others in their community. Even those who may never need costly medical care because of their wise and prudent lifestyle choices.

In other words, Obamacare promoted unfair provisions for “nanny government” to become responsible to pay the health consequences of fools or scorners which creates divisiveness or scorn by hardworking or wise taxpayer in our Nation.

In the past, before liberal Progressive Rights never considered by our Nation’s founders were interpreted to be community responsibilities instead of individual responsibilities, religious charities and compassionate people willingly volunteered their time and energy to help the unfortunate circumstances whether it was the result of their personal choices,  or nature, because of their religious or moral beliefs to help others.

When nanny government ideals were interpreted by well-intentioned concerned citizens without considering that without providing incentives of responsibility or personal consequences of foolish choice, it serves to promote rather than control more folly or use as observed by the psychologist will serve to increase “accessibility and use.”

The alternative to this folly is to educate, advertise, and reward wise prudent choices which are personal responsibilities and duties of citizens to help themselves instead of repeatedly relying on others to help them.This nanny government environment is also dividing our Nation. While many “one percenter billionaires” who continue to accumulate wealth object to continually have to be subjected to higher taxation because they believe it will be spent on more social benefits for scorners or slacker in our society.

While at the same time, liberal well-meaning politicians are promoting sharing the wealth, are in fact promoting the same failed Socialism ideals that failed in the past because hard working people got fed up with scorners and slackers.

In My Opinion

The best common-sense decision is the same method that was used since the beginning of history.

That is to educate youth by warning them of the consequences of their foolish choice will result in their having to become accountable for their own choice in life.

As for legal recreational marijuana, Instead of promoting folly in the belief that the taxes collected selling marijuana will benefit communities when in fact hardworking taxpayers will bear the result health insurance costs in the long run, the common sense solution is to simply end nanny government programs that reward people who make foolish choices instead of continually passing the costs to others who choose to make wise choices

For Example,

Was it really wise in Obamacare to make taxpayers pay for people who choose who make foolish choices such as engaging in risky sexual acts that spread costly rehabilitation drugs such as HIV or STD.? Or making nuns pay for birth control pills. Or taxpayers pay for birth control pills. condoms and abortions?

There are always going to be exceptions of course when people are born with physical ailments, not brought about by foolish choices.

As for the innocent victims of increased auto accidents because of pot head drivers, every pot head drivers license should identify them as a pot head in order to buy marijuana. That will at least help police determine who is at fault when there is a traffic accident and no way to prove who was at fault.

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below and previous posts on marijuana and my opinion what to do to pay down the current 23 trillion-dollar National Debt with death taxes. The billionaires can make personal choices to accumulate as much money and treasure that want and when they pass away, they will not either complain or have any use for their treasures as observed by King Solomon.

You Decide

Wised or foolish opinions of the psychologist?  

Is anything ever being new under the sun in regards to suckers being born every minute?

Who are the real suckers in the USA? The Liberal Progressive nanny government idealists now preaching once again failed Socialism ideas, or the scorners, the fools, or taxpayers?

Will legalized marijuana really change anything or everything on our planet in regards to making wise or foolish choices and being responsible for consequences of our personal choices instead of others?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

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