… will be remembered in history as being wise or foolish (in their full use in life)?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to convey an ancient verse to reply to Representative Nancy Pelosi’s statement that the House Impeachment of Donald Trump will be remembered forever with this question.

Which one. Pelosi or Trump, a politician or a businessman, will be considered to have been wise or foolish in history?

King Solomon

Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man. (Ecclesiastes 9:15)

Gils Bible Excerpt

But if any choose to understand these words of political wisdom, and the use of it, by which sometimes a mean and obscure person does more good than others can by their power and strength, though he meets with no reward for it, I am not averse to it; and which agrees with what follows.

“et invenit in ea.”, Mercerus, Drusius, Amama; “sed invenit in ea”, Rambachius.

(The risible faculty in man is given him for some usefulness; and when used in a … “et invenit in ea”, Mercerus, Drusius, Amama; “sed invenit in ea“, Rambachius)

What’s My Point?

The above Gils Bible excerpt was his interpretation how a King Solomon verse was applied to Jesus Christ 1000 years after the verse was written,

In no way when this verse was written did King Solomon know it would be interpreted in time to Jesus Christ or to American politics.

My point is to instead apply this verse to answer the statement made by Pelosi that Trump will forever be remembered in history as being impeached.

In other words, will a businessman who was elected by voters fed up with inept empty suit politicians with a record of being unable to save the “Nation”, in time be compared to a full use in life verse of a person who significantly changed in just three short years what politicians could not accomplish in four decades.

For example, Illegal immigration remain in Mexico, inept trade agreements, Jobs, Economy, etc. etc.

In My Opinion

History has a way of remembering the wise from the fools. King Solomon observed that although the wise man will be forgotten for saving the city in the short term, in the long term of history that really matters “who managed to save the city.”

In other words which one, Pelosi or Trump will be identified in history as being wise or foolish, (in their full use in life)?  

In my opinion, we need two term limits for all politicians to obtain more savvy leaders who have a wider range of  experiences ( in thier full use in life) to better manage instead of long term “empty suit” politicians who are more concerned with managing how to save their positions of power than the city or nation.

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