Vacationing in Florida, I noticed what prudent residents do at night.

The Chicago Tribune Article titled, DNA confirms coyote is culprit, contained a statement made by the Mayor Lightfoot:

“Never did I think I would be talking about alligators in one breath and coyotes in another breath.”.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to compare the Mayor’s statement to my observation of Florida residents to discern how to survive living in Florida vs. Chicago based on a wisdom proverb and idiom.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Proverb 22:3)


Early to bed, early to rise (makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise)

Prudent habits pay off, … This ancient rhyming proverb, so familiar that it is often abbreviated as in the example, was long ascribed to Benjamin Franklin, who quoted it in this form in Poor Richard’s Almanack. However, slightly different versions existed in English in the mid-1400s and in Latin even earlier.

What’s My Point?

The area I am staying in Florida borders a nature preserve and alligators. I never see anyone walking around here at night because they are prudent to fear they might be eaten by a wandering alligator.

The Mayor’s statement reminded me of Chicago’ violent neighborhoods and a Chicago Tribune internet source which gives information of the months, times of day, and violent incidents that occur mainly in the violent areas of Chicago.

In My Opinion

If I lived in a violent area anywhere, I would heed the advice of the proverb and idiom.

In other words, I would be prudent and wise to not wander around during the higher risk times and places indicated in the Chicago Tribune report.

And I would go to bed early so I could worker hard, save my money, and get the hell out of living in the high-risk violent neighborhoods. However, based on the weather this week in Chicago vs. Florida, some places are worth the risks of living around alligators, as long remain prudent and don’t wander around at night in the same area where predators both animal and human live.  

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below and a Previous Post and best place to move because real estate values more likely to increase because it is likely to be safer to walk and/or drive around, now that legalized pot will add to the risk factors in Chicago..

You Decide

What is a worse fate to fear? Being eaten by an alligator, bitten by a coyote, or shot, or run over by someone high on pot while driving, during the most violent times shown in the Chicago Tribune report?

PS, if you spend your money smoking pot or other means to forget your misery of having to live in a Chicago violent neighborhood, it is going to take longer to save up to get the hell out. If interested, you can readily identify the neighborhoods in either the Chicago Tribune report. Or as I explain in a Previous Post, which neighborhoods or communities where it will be a better choice to move to or invest in real estate.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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