Will the Supreme Court finally rule to end States power to discriminate against Catholics and all religious faith believer citizens in the USA?

The Chicago Tribune article opinion titled, Supreme Court should finally erase State Laws that hinder religious freedom and school choice, explains briefly how the civil rights of religious followers have been used since the Civil War to prevent freedom of religion choices in the USA.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to convey information how religious freedom of the First Amendment was circumvented by bigots against Catholics has never been addressed by the Supreme Court for being unfair suppression of religious liberty.

The ruling will be a landmark decision in the same sense as it was judged unfair 3000 years ago, in my opinion.

King Solomon

Do not move the ancient boundary or go into the fields of the fatherless, (Proverb 23:10)

What’s My Point?

Ironically a single mother is responsible for the case being finally heard now in the same sense to protect the Rights of a single woman to protect her fatherless children.

While the proverb originally pertained to protect a widow’s land Rights, the founders of the Constitution First Amendment was intended to protect against suppression of religious Rights.

In My Opinion

This ruling should be a landmark decision to restore the rights of parents Rights to choose to pass on their religious values to their children and over time has made the choice unaffordable for the majority of Americans.

If Interested

Read the article opinion and a Previous Post which explains the history of how the unfair bigoted Blaine Amendment failed as a Constitutional Amendment but succeeded in individual States Folly.

You Decide

If after reading, do you concur with my opinion that it time now for the Supreme Court to rule wisely against the Blaine Amendments because the simple are just Blain unfair to parents.

Should all religious faith believers pray for the Supreme Court to rule to as wise as King Solomon did to allow the landmark First Amendment be restored to parents?

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