What does “killing me softly” mean?

The meaning of the song verses, Killing Me Softly.  has been interpreted to “Kill – to amaze, exceed, or otherwise incapacitate.

The verses pertain to someone using words to stimulate “being overcome with emotion while watching another singer. Whether that emotion is joy, sorrow, lust, or some combination of moving emotions is up for interpretation” (google)

The Purpose of This Post

Is to substitute another stimulant instead, that has been literally physically killing people softly in the past and will kill a lot more people in the future.

King Solomon

There is a way that see meth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverb 16:25)

What’s My Point?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Just because it is legal does not mean marijuana is safe for everyone, reports the proven health hazards of marijuana and ends with this statement.

“Now, more than ever, it is incumbent upon all of us — especially medical and behavioral health professionals — to speak up and tell the entire story in an effort to prevent the risks of expanded marijuana use from turning into regrettable realities.”

In My Opinion

All the tax money collected from the sale of legal marijuana in time will not be sufficient to fund the future health costs that will result from the use of recreational marijuana.

In other words, the song killing me softly with his words can in reality be killing me softly with my marijuana according to the physician’s article.

In my opinion, we need more people and news media to speak out loudly, not softly, to warn their loved ones and community of the health hazards of use of recreational marijuana will kill them in time, It may be legal, but that does not mean it is safe or wise to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

If Interested

Read the article and previous posts

You Decide

Should you speak out the truth, loudly, softly, or remain silent, if you or your loved ones, or your community make a statement that if it is legal it must be safe.

If you are in doubt or believe that you are either the safe or unsafe  “everyone,” would it be wise or right to ask your doctor his professional Words of opinion instead of a peer or marijuana salesperson to prevent softly killing yourself and your brains over time?

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