Are both sides of the Confederate Veterans Statues repeating the same scenario of the blind man verses in the Bible?

Reading a Citizen Tom post and the opinion comments reminded me of the blind man miracle in the Bible.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate how this divisive controversy should instead of being blinded on the issue of asking which side was the good or bad guys of the Civil War, we should focus to understand the miracle of who determined our nation should remain united at the end of the war.

In other words, instead of getting rid of the evidence that the Civil War was fought between brothers divided about the righteousness or injustice of the two sides of the issues that divided our nation, we need to speak the truth. And the truth is to understand who decided how the miracle to end of slavery that divided our nation.

King Solomon

Better a little with righteousness than great gain with injustice.

A man’s heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. (Proverbs 16:8-9)

What’s My Point?

We blind ourselves by getting rid of the evidence of the truth of Civil War in a similar way the Bible explains the miracle of the blind man who did not know who healed him. And the questions of how the miracle was accomplished, the truth should have been told of who decided to give sight to the blind man.

For Example, Bible Verses:

“Four times in this chapter people asked, “How were you healed?” First the neighbors asked the man, and then the elites asked him. Not satisfied with his reply, the elites then asked the man’s parents and then gave the son one final interrogation. All of this looked very official and efficient, but it was really a most evasive maneuver on the part of both the people and the leaders. The elites wanted to get rid of the evidence, and the people were afraid to speak the truth!”

In My Opinion,

God decided that our Nation would remain united regardless of the heroes of the brothers who fought on both sides against each other, same as brothers in a family will occasionally do in childhood.

Instead of continually trying to get rid of the evidence of the truth of the Civil War, we should do be doing two things.

  1. Thanking God for the miracle our nation remained united at the end of the war.
  2. Instead of getting rid fo the evidence of how two brothers on both sides paid a terrible price of the loss of lives because they failed to compromise on a solution of the issues of the past time in history.

In a previous post, I expressed my suggestion of a solution to compromise on the issue to learn from history instead of getting rid of the evidence. Hopefully by doing this it would convey a message to our posterity to not repeat the same folly and experience a repeat of the consequences of failing to compromise on issues. Repeating issues of righteousness and injustices that will keep repeating in every new generations as King Solomon observed 3000 years ago.

No one remembers the former events, nor will anyone remember the events that are yet to happen; they will not be remembered by the future generations. (Ecclesiastes 1:11)

If Interested,

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You Decide

Will getting rid of the evidence of the follies of humans just a way to hide the truth that no matter what righteous or injustice we humans have in our hearts, A man’s heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

Do we really believe we can create righteousness and ending injustice by getting rid of the evidence of past generations?

Should the verses of the miracle of the blind man help to explain the truth about the issue of getting rid of the cultural cleansing of the history of the Civil War?

Or should we address the truth of history and to pray to God to speak the truth to help heal our hearts and guide us how to end  the divisiveness in our nation both past and present?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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