Actually because of Government Social Engineering…?

The Chicago Tribune article Perspective Editorial: Actually, we may need mor immigrants, Ask Team Trump, reported the ratio of workers to retired will deplete Social Security funds in the near future.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to convey ancient wisdom explanation for the core reasons we need more immigrants in the USA.

King Solomon – Proverbs Chapter Ten

28 The hope of those who are right with God is joy, but the hope of the sinful comes to nothing.

29 The way of the Lord is a strong-place to those who are faithful, but it destroys those who do wrong.

30 Those who are right with God will never be shaken, but the sinful will not live in the land.  

Gils Bible Commentary Excerpt

They may be removed from place to place in this world, through the persecutions of their enemies, or through one providence or another, as they often are; they may be removed from a state of outward prosperity to a state of adversity, as Job was; they may be removed from spiritual and comfortable frames of soul to carnal or uncomfortable ones; for good frames are very precarious and uncertain things; and they will be removed out of this world into another; here they have no continuing city: 

What’s My Point?

The core reason more immigrants are needed is because of the folly to believe social engineering planning by government is superior to the social engineering of God.

If we consider that the USA lifespan has increased since Social Security was first introduced, yet we never change the retirement age. Add that the USA has aborted 60 million unborn children at the same time it has increased legal immigration quotas since Roe and Wade.

It is now apparent that government has failed and is incapable of maintaining Social Security promises and over time the percentage of immigrants in the USA will increase in the USA which in effect will do as the proverb stated.

The sinful (those who believe it is their Right to kill unborn children) will over time not live in the land.

In other words, government social engineering is the reason why the USA will need more immigrants in the future if it wants to continue to fund Social Security Funds which presently will be depleted in this decade.

In My Opinion

Only the righteous will in time inhabit the earth.

It is neither righteous to abort nor righteous to mask the truth that if we sin and kill unborn babies, in time the sinful will not live in the land.

If we allow illegal immigration to continue to work and be paid under the table, they majority will not contribute to Social Security Funds, or existing government social subsidies?

If we don’t believe in either of the above truths, we are fools same as we are fools to believe that government social engineering, instead of wisdom of love of God, will provide us better hope and joy in the future.

If Interested

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You Decide

Based on history, has or will any government social engineering plans that were designed by mankind ever succeeded to provide greater hope and joy for their citizens if the foundations were not righteous?

Would you consider any government social engineering to be more righteous than the precepts provided in the Bible and Ten Commandments?

Which social engineering would provide greater righteousness in the Nation?  The laws of wisdom and love in the Bible or the laws engineered by the government?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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