Honorable Federal and State Legislators, please do something to make face masks available.

The Chicago Tribune Article titled, Pedestrians Running Scared and Pandemic Powers Put on Hold (in Chicago) reported:

“runners and bikers,” “viral particles released in open air,” “runners a quarter mile distance,” “impact on runners behind them.”

Lightfoot commented that the city is competing literally on a global basis for masks and other products  

King Solomon

A wicked (virus infected) messenger falls into trouble, but a faithful envoy (wearing a mask) brings healing. (Proverb 13:17)

What’s My Point?

We know how the virus is transmitted and we know if we do not wear protective equipment to guard against aerosol droplets entering our mouth, nose, or eyes and remaining on our hair or clothing, we are at risk of becoming infected.

We know that we cannot buy the most effective n95 masks because they are out of stock to the public and being rationed to hospital and critical need personnel.

We know that the government has powers to mandate industry to produce equipment such as the ventalators, etc.

We know there is no medical cure or vaccine.

In My Opinion

Government needs to make every plastic supplier in the USA start designing and producing a lightweight washable head and face mask with a replaceable N95 filter insert to breath air.

Government needs to fund manufacturing of the 4 million-dollar machines to manufacture the filter material.

The sooner the masks are available the sooner people can return to work, ride on public transit, walk, run, or bike again.

If Interested

Read the articles and a Home Depot page and previous posts in the Source Links below. Note that every Hope Depot type of mask is listed as “out of stock.””

You Decide

Wise or foolish. If wise contact your government representatives and demand they do something quick instead of requiring every Federal, State, Hospital having to bid against each other to obtain N95 masks from mainly global sources.

Where the legislators wise or foolish who allowed 90 percent of medical equipment to be sourced to China even though there were plans in place for decades to prepare for a pandemic.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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