How Covid-19 unveiled the folly of USA leaders to trust in globalism instead of ancient wisdom.

The Chicago Tribune April 29, 2020 contains the following three articles regarding the need for N95 masks and the reasons of  USA leader’s past folly to trust in globalism.

  1. Illinois law to require everyone in public to wear masks, however the only mask with 95 percent effectiveness is not available because 90 percent of USA medical supplies are manufactured in China.
  2. China’ deception: Knowing first the severity of coronavirus, they imported vast amounts of N95 masks because they could not supply enough masks to protect their population.
  3. Chicago mayor hesitant to spend millions to supply free masks and has no plan how to “mask the masses.”.
  4. Hillary Clinton support Biden Blasts Trump. Biden was Obama’s special envoy to China and stated China is no threat to the USA and now is criticizing President Trump, the first President challenging the wisdom of outsourcing manufacturing from the USA.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to reveal the folly of past USA leader’s folly for their lack of wisdom to trust in globalism to “take care of their flocks.”

King Solomon

Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe. (Proverb 28:26)

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds (Proverbs 27:23)

What’s My Point?

For years and years many have questioned the wisdom of outsourcing USA manufacturing to promote globalism. Proponents of globalism will defend the merits of globalism to reduce costs to expand markets to benefit consumers.

However, to decimate USA manufacturing of vital supplies such as medical equipment and drugs has proven to be folly as evidenced by the pandemic.

Especially sad is the fact that 3000 years ago, the above proverbial wisdom has been ignored by USA leaders if you relate that flocks are the coveted 4.1 million dollar machines that produce N95 masks that cannot be built in a few weeks or months as many critics of outsourcing with experience in manufacturing have been warning…

Warning, do not read the Chicago Tribune article in What Others Are Saying, (Charles Lipton Real Clear Politics) which reveals the folly of the USA trust in China. For 90 percent of USA medical supplies. Frankly, I have stated numerous times in previous posts on free trade how much wiser China leaders have been in trade negotiations “to take care of their flocks “in comparison to past USA leaders. Or in other words, we only have ourselves to blame for the present folly of shortages of masks and related protective medical supplies from China.

In My Opinion

While I cannot disagree that globalism in whole has economic merits for the world in general.

However,  I believe that outsourcing manufacturing entirely and trusting that in event of National Security of vital parts and supplies in spite of 3000 year old advice to watch over your flocks and people who trust in their own wisdom are fools who will not be kept safe, as evidenced by the N95 mask folly.

Warning: For voters who will participate in the 2020 Presidential election, I recommend you read up about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden past decisions to support globalism and are now “Blasting Trump” for trying to return manufacturing to the USA.

If interested

Read the Chicago Tribune article if you decide to ignore my warning.

Also read a Previous Post on my warning about Free Trade of vital supplies.

You Decide

Who will you trust and vote for in the 2020 Presidential election base on their past decisions in regards to outsourcing 90 percent of USA medical supplies?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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