What is needed most to restart the USA economy and thresh out the COVID-19 virus??

The Chicago Tribune articles today revealed clues what is needed and in my opinion, how to quickly supply the covet items in short supply.

One article on President Trump’s visit to a Phoenix Mask N95 Producer. Another on FDA approval of cleaning to reuse N95 masks. Another on how Syria rationing PPE equipment and training to deal with Coved 19 patients.

Previous days reported how China imported mass purchase of N95 masks in the early stages of the outbreak of the virus in China. Other reports on the 4.1-million-dollar cost for specialized machinery to manufacture N95 materials which are the most effective filter for the minute coronavirus aerosol vapors that cause the virus rapid spread in mainly urban area.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to suggest what the USA government needs to focus on now to speed up production of medical supplies distribution and to be better prepared for the next pandemic using the same method used in WWII to speed up manufacturing of armaments to supply the world.

King Solomon

 A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. (Proverb 20-26)


and bringeth the wheel over them; alluding to the custom of the eastern nations turning a cart wheel over the grain in threshing it out,

What’s My Point?

If you update the above wisdom verse to our contemporary times it can applied to the present war on coronavirus, it informs what worked in past USA history.

In other words, the quicker protective equipment can be made available to thresh out the virus aerosol droplets in order to return people to work and not be fearful of becoming infected.

The problem PPE equipment manufactures incur is twofold.

The cost of the machinery to produce PPE equipment economically and the fact that after investing the money for the machinery is when the need ends when hopefully a cure or vaccine becomes available.

Once the machinery becomes idle because of lack of sales, the manufacturers are stuck with huge inventories and monetary losses.

In My Opinion

What we need to do is repeat what was done in WWII. The government paid for the machinery and in some cases mandated factories to produce the equipment or even sent machinery to the plants for workers to produce.

When the war ended, the machinery was then sold at very low prices to the factories for private nonmilitary uses.

What is needed now is for the USA to pay for the machinery and when the needs diminish, either pay rent to the manufactures to store the machinery. Or ship the machinery to dry deserts same as planes were stored to prevent oxidation.

Or to subsides to lower costs to hospitals of PPE equipment, the reason why 90 percent of USA medical supplies were outsourced to China or other world suppliers.

In other words, outsourcing of critical supplies has proven to be a failed and fatal economic theory and the USA should learn from this sad experience.

If Interested

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You Decide

Would having the machinery available lessened the fatalities in the war against COVID-19 same as bullets and armaments in WWII accomplished?

Is it time for the USA to drive a wheel over the failed economic theory of globalization for critical supplies such as medical supplies and armament parts and supplies?

Would government investing and subsidized be in the long term a better and more economical investment than the 3 trillion-dollar payments for unemployment and $1200 dollar subsidies for being quarantined, or preventing USA industries from going bankrupt?

Why do most people in Asian Countries appear in news articles to be wearing masks and not in the USA?

Should this information be unmasked by the news media or reported to Congress to be implemented as quickly as possible to improve their vision?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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