Did King Solomon believe in Angel guidance or human intuition or gut instincts?

I read a post titled, What Has Your Angel Had to Watch You Do. It reminded me of a reply my Mother answered her sister who asked if she ever worried about me when I was a young boy getting up early to deliver newspapers in downtown Chicago. Yes, there were a lot of dangerous characters in Chicago seventy years ago for mothers to worry about their children then, same as today.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to explain that even the wisest man in the world believed in angels 3000 years ago. In our contemporary times psychologists explain that people sometimes experience an intuition or gut instinct that somehow warded them from danger, only to find out later they made a prudent decision.

King Solomon

“Angels, described as spiritual entities in the service of God, play a prominent role in Judaism and appear in the Jewish scriptures, from the early books of the Bible and throughout the centuries.”

“It has been speculated that the forms of the cherubim in the Temple originated from the winged and human-headed bulls of Babylon, also named Cherubim, which guarded the gates of the royal palace, and were considered a lesser order of deities. Similar winged forms with human faces and two outstretched wings attached to the arms were also common in Egyptian and Assyrian art.”

What’s My Point?

Bible verses provide a description of carved figures of cherubim’s in King Solomon’s Temple which can be related to the belief in the existence of Angels

Contemporary psychologists have a medical terminology to explain a human intuition or gut instance.

For example, there are experiences of individuals who somehow were guided to make a decision not to go out of the house before an unexpected sudden dangerous storm occurred, etc. etc. etc.

My point is the belief in Angels is nothing new under the sun.

In My Opinion

The answer my mother gave her sister was this.

“No, I am not worried about Rudy, His guardian angel will watch over him.”

My mother lived to the ripe old age of ninety-nine. Whether it was her faith that helped her not to worry herself to death or her prudent healthy lifestyle?

Frankly, I believe in Guardian Angels based on the numerous instances I encountered in my life.

Did you ever disappoint your guardian angel by doing something in spite of his guidance or warning?

or foolish?

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

You Decide

Was it your Guardian Angel or intuition or gut instinct, that you experienced?

In our contemporary times with the COVID-19 pandemic, is it your guardian angel guiding you to wear a mask in public?

Or, should you ignore your intuition or gut instinct to late discern if your decision was wise or foolish?

Regards and Goodwill blogging.

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