Who is really to blame for what the USA experienced during this pandemic?

The Purpose of This Post

In the previous post I stated I will explain my opinion of who is to blame for the high rate of fatalities and spread of COVID-19 in the USA in comparison to the recommendations of a Washington Post Article titled: Let’s make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste.

King Solomon -Proverbs Chapter Twelve

14. By fruitful speech a man will be filled with good things, and the work of a man’s hands will reward him.


The wholesome advice, the good instruction, and sound doctrine he delivers to others, which are the fruit of his lips, 

: or “the recompence of a man’s hands”, or of his works which his hands do, “he shall render to him”

 15.The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to counsel.… (Proverbs 12:14)


and having a high opinion of himself and his own knowledge, never asks after the right way, nor takes the advice of others

but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise; that asks advice and takes it of such who are men of age and experience, men of longer standing, and are wiser than himself;

What’s My Point/?

Thousands and thousands of people with manufacturing experience have been voicing their concerns to politicians about outsourcing both USA jobs, along with losing the technical hands on experience and skills of working with their hands to manufacture widgets using both simple and highly computerized machinery.

Manufacturing skills include the knowledge and skills to produce widgets It also includes skills of logistics to manage to obtain raw material sources nearby to speedily change to produce what markets demand from consumers without having to store huge amounts of inventories that become obsolete or spoiled over time. Business Executives who believe in maintaining expensive inventory for widgets that high producing efficient automatic machinery can produce quickly when needed are considered fools by peers.

In spite of these warnings to politicians if the risks of not having machinery available in the USA, politicians chose instead to listen to elitist economists’ theories that globalism, free trade and a high-tech service-based economy instead of a manufacturing economy is a better choice for the USA along with the following mantra statement…

“And look, the hard truth is, a lot of those jobs aren’t going to come back because of these increased efficiencies.  And in a global economy, some companies are always going to find it more profitable to pick up and do business in other parts of the world.  That’s just the nature of a global economy.”.  

Politicians were warned about having to rely on sources 8000 miles away producing less costly widgets because their laborers were paid less than USA workers. The elitist economists when warned replied if one country prices became higher, or in time of political turmoil or even war erupted, they would just move manufacturing to another country.

COViD-19 experience of having to rely on 90 percent of PPE and N95 masks from a source 8000 miles away has shattered this elitist economic theory as experienced when the virus spread rapidly instead of being contained.

Moving machinery and training new sources takes time. And during a fast-moving pandemic, time is of an essence and a sad lesson we have learned along with lost lives and treasure. As for treasure in the USA, four trillion dollars of more debt.

How and why this could have been avoided if the elitist politicians would have listened to the counsel of manufacturing experienced counsel instead of economic theory that a service economy was best for the USA and that those warnings about outsourcing need to understand that manufacturing was never going to return because: “ That’s just the nature of a global economy.” 

In My Opinion

The USA has a history of only responding in time of crises rather than listening to wise counsel.

Politicians know this well. The proof is in Rahm Emanuel’s political statement:” to make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste.”

In My Next Post

I will explain what could or would have been a wiser alternative to incorporate the good and bad of globalism and free trade, not only for the USA, but for every Nation in the World.

My opinion is not elitist economic theory, it is based on contemporary manufacturing experience and practical wisdom of logistics along with the ancient proverbial wisdom provided   3000-years ago.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below and previous posts.

You Decide

If after reading the next post, should we begin teaching wisdom in our schools how to us to listen to avoid folly before a crisis. To have respnded by listening instead of what fools do in above proverb?

Regards, goodwill blogging, and stay safe.

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