What didn’t the elite globalism politicians and government pandemic planners understand?

The Purpose of This Post

In Previous Post Three, I stated I will explain what could or would have been a wiser alternative to incorporate the good and bad of globalism and free trade, not only for the USA, but for every Nation in the World.

King Solomon

Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly. (Proverb 16:22)

What’s My Point?

In previous posts, I brought up the wisdom of listening. This post is focuses on an explanation of   what our politicians did not understand about outsourcing manufacturing of 90 percent of USA medical needs to sources 8000 miles away in the belief that if one country does not produce in a global economy, we will just move our manufacturing to another country

The theories of globalism lacked manufacturing experience that elite politicians did not listen or understand. The result is what the sad result we now have experienced of not having adequate PPE and N95 masks available to protect our medical personal everyday workers to work in safety with far less loss of lives and treasure.

My point is not intended to be a “I told you so” or a hindsight opinion. Rather it is to lend understanding of what needs to be done both now and, in the future, to prevent this sad expense from being repeated.

For Example

It takes time to make a widget on a machine or to make a machine. The high production automatic machinery is costly and needs to be justified because it requires more time to manufacture and require engineering and technical skills. Skills that become scarce to find in the country that outsources instead of manufactures either the machinery or the widgets.

Preparing for a pandemic requires government both States and Federal, to inventory adequate supply of medical widgets for immediate needs until replenished. Limitations of having millions and millions of supplies that have limited expiration time periods. When the time periods expire the widgets requires disposal. For example, recent news of California having 25 million N95 masks with defective elastic bands that deteriorated over time.

In My Opinion

What should have been done is to store less inventory and instead build and store the high production machinery to have available in various plants across the USA. This post will only focus on N95 masks for sake of brevity on the need for medical supplies.

What should have been done instead by the governments would be to make use of the proven manufacturing logistics of just in time, or lean manufacturing logistics employed by most major manufacturers in the world.

If politicians had instead listened or understood less lives and treasure might have resulted.

For Example

The Chicago Tribune news reported the USA has experienced to date over 100,000 deaths to date. If instead, the N95 masks were more readily available and used, the USA, a nation on wheels and planes which added to the rapid spread of the virus, there would have been less infections.

Compare the present costs of borrowing three trillion more dollars to the National Debt along with countless bankruptcies and unemployment, to having on hand, subsided by the government same as in WWII, and available. just 25 more of the 4.3-million-dollar machinery in various locations.

Or, 4.3 million times 25 equals $107.5 million instead of $4 trillion and still counting upward. Each machine making 200,000 masks a day time 25 equals 5 million marks per day becoming available from local sources to avoid a 37-day ocean trip or expensive plane flights. In addition to having 80,000 masks a day being sterilized from just one source as is now being done, would in a short time have enough masks for everyone to engage in work or play. This instead of a massive quarantine.  


In My Next Post

I will explore how infectious disease enter human hosts and why we need to be wiser and more prepared both now and, in the future, to repeat this sad experience.

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below.

You Decide

Has the elitist economic globalism theory and lack of listening and understanding to experienced manufacturing warnings wise or foolish based on this sad experience.

Would requiring the 4.3-million-dollar machinery be built in the USA to have the skills and engineering also available locally in the USA along with the jobs and job opportunities than manufacturing provides?

Will Post Series help readers obtain “a wellspring of life” to better understand the need for local sources of manufacturing in the USA for vital goods such as medical supplies and military components?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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Just in Time – Wikipedia


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