Did well meaning marchers become victims of cat’s paws?

The news today is filled with stories of rioters who destroyed businesses and property.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate how well intentioned righteous concerned citizens were dragged into becoming involved in looting same as a cat uses their paws to drag their prey to become involved in looting and anarchy.

King Solomon

Fight your own case with your neighbor, and do not reveal another’s confidences. (Proverb, 25:9) 

What’s My Point?

Concerned citizens are rightfully angry about the death of George Floyd and exercising their Right of free speech by marching to protest of racial injustice.

When the lawful peaceful march turned into anarchy and looting of people who were no party to the cause of matter, it was in the same sense as betraying the confidence of the matter to friends and neighbors instead of arguing against the politicians and legislators the marcher’s anger was originally intended.

In My Opinion

We need to teach wisdom in our schools to hopefully promote understanding to recognize when we become used in the same manner as a cat uses their claws to drag their victims to them.

Same as to understand It is foolish to betray the the Rights of innocent community businesses and employees who were never a party to the injustice.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Link

Bible Hub Commentary of Proverb 25:9