Does it make sense to repeat, and is it Christian to “always hurt the one you love the most?”

The Chicago Tribune articles today focus on the sadness of a black pastor, along with the need for residents in black neighborhoods must now drive 20 minutes for milk, drug prescriptions, even alcohol, marijuana, etc. etc.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom and contemporary song verses to hopefully understand the sadness resulting from the anarchy and riots and how it relates to Christianity and the sadness of black pastors in black neighborhoods.

King Solomon

And I set my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is like grasping the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:17)

What’s My Point?

The west side of Chicago has never recovered economically with other areas in the city from the death of Martin Luther King Jr. rioters who burnt down and looted the stores. And now the repeat occurrence of chasing the wind of madness and folly occurred with the death of George Floyd.

A black pastor, Corey Brooks, pastor of the New Beginnings Church article from the American Conservative laments in his heart morale sunk because of the riots.

“. Our (Christian) work paid off…… riots past week…. have set us back…. The physical damage to property pales in comparison to the damage done to our morale.” “

A columnist bashes President Trump for proposing to send in troops if the Governors or Mayors request.

Another columnist questions the anger of Mayor Lightfoot for her obscenity words to President Trump while at the same time blasts out at a Chicago police man for giving an angry finger to someone during the riots.

All of the news reports of the madness and folly brought to my mind the song verses of a 1944 Mills Brothers hit song titled “You always hurt the one you love.”

My point is to attempt to convey the madness and folly of the past week along the need for Christion beliefs to attempt to make sense of the song verses and the news.

In My Opinion

I recommend we read this link if interested in trying to understand the sense of the Song verses as the relate to the riots and anarchy in the past week news.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

Is there something missing in our homes and schools that is preventing the understanding of Christian beliefs that include the Ten Commandment. For example, not to kill, hurt, steal, sharing, etc. from our neighbors and communities.

Would school vouchers to help pastors such as Father Pflager and Corey Brooks help reduce the madness and folly or make more sense than the riots and reasoning to “always hurt the ones you love.”

Would teaching wisdom of ancient proverbs prevent more “chasing the wind or this 3000-year-old verse/

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune June 7, 2020

Corey Brooks – National Observer -Morale

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