How can freedom become an evil snare?

The White House Remarks on July 13, 2020 stated the following:

“Far-left mayors are escalating the anti-cop crusade, and violent crime is spiraling in their cities.  It’s all far-left cities where they have no understanding of what has to be done.  They don’t have a clue.”,

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse how freedom without order can become an evil snare.

King Solomon  

 For man does not know his time. Like fish that are taken in an evil net, and like birds that are caught in a snare, so the children of man are snared at an evil time, when it suddenly falls upon them. (Ecclesiastes 9:12)

What’s My Point?

An article titled Freedom and Order contained the following two statements.

“The pursuit of freedom without order invariably brings chaos and ultimately results in death.”

“The opposite is also true. Order without freedom leads to another kind of death-tyranny.”

History has recorded numerous types of governing and how events led to the end of every human endeavor to attempt to live in freedom or utopia. To date, every attempt has failed over time, and many resulted in the deaths of both people and nations.  

Freedom in a Democratic form of Government is still in its infancy compared to world history,

My point is we are reading and listening to the news about evil times and the concerns of freedom, rights, and chaos taking place in the USA. It makes me wonder if too much freedom without order is similar to the evil net or snare for our children being caught up in the evil tunes we are now experiencing.

For example, Chicago shootings and deaths of children in the news.

In My Opinion

When people are afraid to walk or live in any community or neighborhood, they are in fact living in an evil snare, or net, in an evil time. While we teach our children that living in a Democracy provides us freedom, the facts are in reality that they are in fact ensnared by evil tyrants shooting each other along with innocent victims in the high crime areas of Chicago.

Or in other words, freedom without order has been recorded numerous times in history to lead to deaths of both people and Nations.  

The core reason why shootings are so prevalent in the high crime areas of Chicago are the result of lack of school choice or school vouchers as I explained in previous posts titled Counted Out Plan for Chicago.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

You Decide

Can freedom without order become an evil snare? If so, how can anyone be living in freedom if there is no order in their communities?

Which words best describes the actual circumstances of people living in high crime areas in Chicago? Freedom and Order, Chaos and Death?

And if you choose Chaos and Death, who will you vote for in 2020 that you believe has a clue how and what to do to provide Freedom and Order in Chicago?

Why is it that in a Democracy, and even though Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, or White parents,  poor and middle class want school choice or school vouchers for their children to allow them to be taught religious values or values they prefer, the Democrats are dead set against school choice or school vouchers?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Remarks by President Trump July 13, 2020

Freedom without order leads to chaos. Order without freedom leads to tyranny.

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