“Writing about violence in Chicago is always a quest to get people to care?”

The Chicago Tribune Opinion columnist article titled, Chicago’s unending violence, and the children we will never meet, contained the above sentence about “people to care.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is it relate an ancient verse about who are the real right people who need “to care?”

King Solomon – Kings Chapter Four

…26Solomon had 4,000 stalls for his chariot horses and 12,000 horses. 27Each month the governors in turn provided food for King Solomon and all who came to his table. They saw to it that nothing was lacking. 28Each one also brought to the required place their quotas of barley and straw for the chariot horses and other horses.

What’s My Point?

I wonder if the writer needs to be more specific on who are the people who need to care rather than the helpless fearful victims living in high crime areas in Chicago?

For example, how effective have marches by people been in the past years to voice their caring concerns about the violence in Chicago?

People living in high crime areas certainly care for their safety, yet they are the ones who are in the least position to quell the violence because if they raise their voices as witness of criminal acts which is the only present way to end the violence, they risk being a victim themselves to the violence.

Three thousand years ago, wise King Solomon took action to require the “governors,” who had the power to require their communities their quotas to feed the Kingdom’s needs.

My point is while the verses pertain to feeding King Solomon’s kingdom, the verse imply the Governors were not allowed to come to his table if they did not fulfil their quotas to feed the Kings horses and chariots.

The people in each of the providences (States) provided the feed (Taxes) to feed the horses and chariots (Police and equipment) needed to provide safety in the providences, (high crime areas) and it was the Governors (Leaders) responsibility to make it possible for the people to be able to provide the feed.

In other words, the people who worked hard to provide the needs for safety in the providences are not being provided by the leaders who are being supported with taxes.

In My Opinion,

Chicago has 12,000 police and all the necessary equipment inducing stalls (jail cells) necessary to provide for the safety of the communities.

If the Governors are not capable to figure out what to do to manage the safety of the communities, they either  do not care, are are lacking or not capable to manage their providences.

In other words, the writer is attempting a quest to get people to care who are powerless to do something on their own other than to march around and cry out for help.

From who? The victims who are lacking the horses and chariots needed to end the violence?  

If Interested

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You Decide

Is caring and marching of the people living in the high crime areas going have any effect as using the horse and chariots they paid for with the hard work of their taxes.

Should the Governor make use of the equipment to end the violence and manage the violence by doing what is necessary to care about the safety in his communities.

If not, why are the voters keep allowing the leaders to “meet” and, eat the food at their tables they provided with their taxes. After all, in a Democratic Republic, voters are now the Kings?

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Source Links

Chicago Tribune August 4, 2020


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