What is the first thing the wise man did to save the city?

In Post One I stated I will explore what I surmise the first thing the wise mand did first to save the city based on a proverb.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to what I surmise gives a clue what the wise man did to save the city from the events described as an analogy as I explained in Post One.

King Solomon

Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. (Proverb 29:11)

What’s My Point?

Anyone reading the news events can readily understand that there is an element of justifiable anger that is driving the present rioting taking place in the cities.

A speaker at the Mather Luther rally reference in Post One stated: “No justice, no peace.”

My point is the above proverb advice is to first calm the fears and anger of all parties being threatened by the invaders.


I used the fears of the coming 2020 election as the mighty force both sides need to consider who the leaders will be and what will they do to calm the anger and calls for “no justice, no peace.”

We need to compare who the leaders running in the 2020 election and organization leaders are promising voters to obtain the justice and peace envisioned by the angry rioters.  

In My Opinion

The first thing the wise man did was to follow the advice of the proverb to restore calm instead of fear or anger in order to discern the various wise or foolish options to save the city.

In other words, without calm minds and voices to listen and hear each other, there can be no hope for the unity to discern the best courses or options available to save the city. History has recorded numerous follies that occurred when rage and anger became the main driver in find an equitable outcome of differences that occur among people living side by side and over time wind up to construct borders between the various groups.  

For example, after the death of Solomon, the two sides of his Kingdom, the Northern and Southern providences could not agree and the result was Israel divided into two kingdoms. Basically, this same scenario was almost repeated in the USA during the Civil War that destroyed many of the cities and resulted in over 620.000 deaths and similar or greater amount of wounded.

Political Parties

In our contemporary times we presently have one political party wanting to end the riots by instilling law and order by force if necessary, to protect our Republic.

The other political party is silent about the rioting taking place. Is their silence an indication of their complicity and approval of riots as a better way to achieve justice and peace, or pathway to win the 2020 election to change our Republic to a Socialism type of governing? Frankly, if condoning rioting is their Party goal, it is perhaps a similar method of past revolutions recorded in history.

Why Calm?

Why must the fears, rage, and anger be calmed? In my opinion it is because there are an estimated 300 to 400 million guns in the hands of Americans in the USA. While everyone probably will agree about the need for justice and peace for everyone regardless of race, color, or creed.

Sadly though, the reality is that when various organizations with guns are intermingling to either defend or express rage or anger about perceived opinions of what is justice or injustice, the price for peace and justice in lives, treasure, and sufferings becomes much higher and much harder to achieve along with values that become more questionable and blurred to discern who are the fools vs. the wise men?

And when guns are used by either party, the results can be deadly for both parties.  Add fear to someone confronting someone with a finger on a gun trigger while either defending or rioting and the results can be both deadly or painful and crippling for life as we are now reading in the news reports of the cities.

In My Next Post

I will explore what the wise man did next after restoring calm to save the city..

If Interested

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You Decide

Which method is more likely to obtain justice and peace? When both parties are in a state of fear, rage and anger, or when they are calm and discerning?

Is restoring calm that I surmised perhaps what the wise man did to save the city should be emulated by the leaders of all the various organizations in the USA?

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