Should a sacrificial tax be enacted to do what is right and just during a pandemic?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Many Americans shoring up personal finances during pandemic downturn, poll shows

Reported, It’s the paradox of a pandemic that has crushed the U.S. economy: 12.9 million people have lost a job and thousands of businesses have closed, yet the personal finances of many Americans have remained strong — and in some ways have even improved.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb statement made 3000 years ago to the paradox of the sad experiences caused by the pandemic in hope that the observation made by the wisest man in the world needs to be considered during the pandemic.

King Solomon

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. (Proverb 21:3)

What’s My Point?

Sacrificial offerings in ancient times was a method used to atone for personal sinfulness during a time when people feared God and believed someday, they would be judged for what they did or did not do during their limited time in life.

At the beginning of his reign King Solomon built a Temple and celebrated by sacrificing animals as was the belief and practice during ancient times.

Later in life he wrote the above proverb which has been interpreted to mean, “when done without faith and in hypocrisy, and especially when done to cover and countenance immoral actions; and, even when compared with moral duties, the latter were preferable to them; see 1 Samuel 15:22..”

My point is in our contemporary times, the fear of the Lord has waned and, in its place, we seem to fear more the effects of loss of money, but have no fear of borrowing against the National Debt.

Sadly though, there will be consequences in the future of judgement for what we do in our lives both economically and spiritually.

In My Opinion,

Instead of borrowing more and adding to the National Debt, we need to consider what is right and just for our Nation.

Anyone who financially can help should support their favorite charities instead of saving for the future…. which they will have no use for when they are dead…….and when judged by their Creator……………may wish they did what was right and just while thy were alive?

As for a pandemic tax on the superrich who are profiting and not sharing and caring during the pandemic, in my opinion, we need to revise our death tax government policies to help them be more righteous and just while they are alive as I suffused in a previous post.

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You Decide

What sacrifice should we all make during the pandemic will be “more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice during the pandemic?

As for all the unrighteousness and injustices occurring in our contemporary times, are our personal actions adding or Lessing to the sadness and misery, and national debt in our cities and Nation doting the pandemic?

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