Which folly of trust has been the biggest in the USA?

Two Chicago Tribune articles in my opinion point to the sad results linked to the choices we make in life regarding trust.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to which choice is the wisest to make about trust rather than what we chose to make in recent times in the USA. Also, to relate a few examples to explain why humans are not perfect and never will be free of making foolish choices when we choose who to trust in our lives.

King Solomon

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverb 3:5)


“Not in a creature…,” 

What’s My Point?

My daughter came home after buying a cup in a school ‘Secret Santa” and gave it to her mom which had this saying printed, “No one is perfect except my Mom.”

In our world of varying degrees of perfect, my daughters cup was probably one of the best choices, but sadly not entirely ‘perfect, based on the above proverb.

My point is we need to understand that when we choose to disregard the proverb advice and make a choice to choose to trust in government wisdom to guide our lives, it is folly.

That is because government is s made up of humans who are not perfect. When we choose to believe in our hearts and trust laws made by humans are as wise as our Creator, we are making the same mistake King Solomon made which led to his Kingdom being broken up and scattered after his death.

Sadly, he realized his folly and wrote his Ecclesiastes to explain his human failures in his life all because he trusted in himself being as wise as his Creator.


In previous posts I explained how trusting our human government choices not to prepare for the president pandemic and to choose to obtain 90 percent of our PPE and N95 masks from a Godless Choice Nation 8000 miles away has resulted over 200,000 deaths in the USA.

(Sadly, a Chicago Tribune columnist chooses to blame President Trump for the deaths instead of the folly not to prepare and trust in globalism.)

In other previous posts I explained how parents have chosen to allow government to economically make it unaffordable to choose to teach their religious values is folly.

(Sadly, Chicago Tribune articles report daily the numerous killings and violence on its city stets which in my opinion would be a lot less if children had been taught how to live accordingly to the Ten Commandment in the Bible based on trust in the Lord, ‘

Instead we humans have written millions of laws that are not being enforced because humans and government are not perfect and never will be according tto the wisdom of King Solomon granted to him by his Creator.)

If Interested,

Read the Source Links below especially the Gils Bible explanation of the above proverb.

You Decide

How many humans in you read about in history of governing by man would you consider to have been perfect?

Or, who in your lifes experiences and understanding to be as close to perfect in our lives, other than our mothers?

Why then should we trust in government laws to be perfect instead of the Lord’s?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Biblehub – Gils Bible Commentary Proverb 3:5


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