How does our window on the world‘relate to wisdom in our lives

I read song verses on a blog article titled: Window on the World, which contained a verse “the Queen of Sheba met the Duke of Earle.”

I read another post titled: Sober Minded Cynicism, that contained a saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to the idiom meaning, ‘Window on the World’

King Solomon

10:1 When the queen of Sheba heard about Solomon’s reputation with the LORD, she came to test him with difficult questions. 2 She brought along a large retinue, camels laden with spices, and lots of gold and precious stones. Upon her arrival, she spoke with Solomon about everything that was on her mind. 3 Solomon answered all of her questions. Nothing was hidden from Solomon that he did not explain to her. 4 When the queen of Sheba had seen all of Solomon’s wisdom for herself, the palace that he had built, 5 the food set at his table, his servants who sat with him, his ministers in attendance and how they were dressed, his personal staff and how they were dressed, and even his personal stairway by which he went up to the LORD’s Temple, she was breathless! (Kings Chapter Ten.

Idiom – Window on the World

A means of experiencing or learning about parts of the world beyond one’s immediate surroundings or situation.

What’s My Point?

I enjoy reading a great song blog which gives background information on various contemporary songs of the artists and verses.

When I read the versed of a song titled Window on the World, it brought to my mind another blog that contained the saying, “You can’t fix stupid.’

 I made the following comment on the blog

“If I may add, especially if you never make any effort to read or study the wisdom of the ages, you will most likely repeat the same folly (stupid) choices made by previous generations, in my opinion.”

My point is the Queen of Sheba traveled out of her ‘window of the world’ to seek wisdom to make an effort to learn wisdom for herself and to rule over her people.

Whereas, the song verse “The queen of Sheba meets the Duke of Earle
That’s my window on the world” implies in his travels he limited his source of window of his world.

In My Opinion

The phrase window on the world is a warning for us in life to expand our horizons on understanding and knowledge of the world to more than one culture to help us from being living our lives and being viewed by both ourselves and others as “you can’t fix stupid.”

We can travel anywhere in the world to seek opening the windows in our lives and wind up experiencing living in a room the song verse described, “A greasy shade and a curtain drawn.”

My experience in seeking the subject of wisdom from all the sources I looked various cultures when I wrote a novel about the visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon was to discover how similar the wisdom of every culture is belief in God as the supreme source of wisdom.

In my opinion, you do not have to travel very far to begin a journey to lift open the shades in your life to understand and obtain the knowledge to become wise and not be considered in cynicism as a person viewed by others in the phrase ‘You can’t fix stupid.”

That is to read the Bible and make an effort to understand and obtain the knowledge not to repeat the same mistakes made by previous generations and you will discover how-to live-in joy, peace, and true love in your life.

If Interested

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You Decide

Is it wise or foolish to travel all over the world to believe you will become wise by just reading or listening to the songs of perhaps fools instead of wisemen?

Was the Queen of Sheba wise to instead seek wisdom who had obtained a reputation of being the wisest man in the world at that time.

If we cannot afford to travel the world and obtain a degree in humanities, would it perhaps be wise to begin our journey in life to read and learn about the subject of wisdom, joy, peace and true love from the Bible, the most read, studied, source to learn how to live our lives making use of wisdom and love learned over the ages.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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