Does it make sense to vote on one issue only in the coming election. And if so, which issue would you choose to “determine the entire future of our country?

Many people will vote in the coming election on politicians or political party they trust because the issues of human governance in our Nation are so varied and complex.

There are varied opinions on the wisdom and folly of voting on one issue.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb of who the wisest man in the world, after spending his entire life on observing people and his own experiences in engaging in the wisdom and folly of humans choices, decided the best choice who to trust as they follow their paths in life.

Definition of trust in – Merriam Webster


: to have a strong belief in the goodness or ability of (someone or something): to have trust in (someone or something)

King Solomon

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. (Proverb 3:5)

What’s My Point?

Anyone who studies the wisdom of history will conclude that that there are two types of governing of laws. The laws of man and the laws of God.

History also records the numerous failings of choices made by man.

My point is in the coming election, we humans are about to make a choice of humans to govern us who believe in different “paths” which may or may not be perfect based on their “leanings.”.

In My Opinion,

There are different opinions as to whether it is wise or foolish, or unethical to vote on a single issue.

 In my opinion, I agree on the following opinion based on my choice of issue most needed to determine the future of our country.

“Not unethical at all. Issues have different levels of importance to individual voters and some issues are inherently so important that they will affect or determine the entire future of our country. It only makes sense to put that issue first when voting.”

And the one issue in my opinion most needed key issue for the future of our Nation is school choice or school vouchers.

My reasoning is if we study history and agree that humans are not perfect choices to trust to lead us on our paths and never have been, based on the present circumstances we are experiencing in our Nation.

What is needed is to educate our children to return to understanding who the wisest man advised as the best choice to trust to help us govern and lead us on the right path in both our personal and governing leadership roles.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

Which one issue do you believe will both return our government leaders and Nation back on the right path instead of leaning on our imperfect leanings? Because the issue is “so important that they will affect or determine the entire future of our country? It only makes sense to put that issue first when voting.”

If you agree with my choice, only the Republican Party supports school choice to return to allow for parents instead of government secular choices subject to imperfect and every changing human path over the course of history.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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