Should we trust and vote for politicians and issues who have a record of emulating crooked car dealers to pass tax legislation?

Two Chicago Tribune articles titled: Battle of State Billionaires, and, Two women charged with drugging (Mikey Finn) men in (Chicago) River North and robbing them of $85,000, reminded me of the current Illinois referendum to raise taxes on the rich.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient proverbs to the current referendum along with a recent example of how Illinois bait and switched the last referendum.

King Solomon

from those who enjoy doing evil and rejoice in the twistedness of evil, 5whose paths are crooked and whose ways devious. It will rescue you from the forbidden woman, from the stranger with seductive words… (Proverbs 2:14-16)

What’s My Point?

Shady car salesman and merchants have been using bait advertising to lure people into showrooms, same as prostitutes have lured victims into rooms for the past 3000 years as recorded in the Bible and history.

My point is to give an example of how politicians use the same methods in the last two years in Illinois.

For example, the exploratory referendum to pass legalized recreational marijuana referendum asked voters if they agreed to use the taxes to fund schools and after the referendum passed, only 2 percent of the tax funds was allocated to schools.

In My Opinion

Sad that politicians elected to serve the interests of their constituents emulate the same tactics to pass legislation.

If Interested

Read the source links below and a previous post.

You Decide

If after reading the links, which political party do you suspect is using the same bait and switch tactics in both our Nation and States.

Or in other words, are the same infamous Mickey Finn cocktails tactics and bait and switch tactics to first lure and then net us into a voting booth?

Or perhaps should we discern the issues based on past political promises vs. accomplishments on their records before we trust and vote for any politician or political party before we vote on the issues?

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Source Links

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