What are the greatest Motivations or Incentives (M&I) in world history, and how can it applied in our contemporary times to help us wise up to solve the conundrum being repeated every generation over and over and over again?

I read a blog post titled: Wealthy investors seem to be exploiting land-conservation tax breaks, and the Senate is taking notice.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to provide two clues provide to us in ancient times how if applied in our contemporary times will help make use of the greatest Motivations and Incentives in history to help us wise up

King Solomon (Clue Number One)

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. (Proverb 11:24)

What’s My Point?

Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote verses that have proven in time and history as truthful events. For example, “nothing is new under the sun “and what was done in the past will be forgotten and repeated in every new generation that follows him.’

Historians today are all in agreement with the contemporary verse, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

History has recorded various types of governing such as Monarchy’s, Theocracy’s, Fascism, Communism, and Democracies. All employed various forms of economies in order to obtain wealth a power to sustain the governments.

 In our contemporary times same as in ancient time economic power was obtain through either a means of Capitalism or Socialism.

The above proverb relates to Religion and Spirituality, and Wealth.

As for how Religion and Spirituality applies is a proverbial message is that wealth is a blessing from God and requires a duty by the wealthy to give freely to those in need. The incentive or motivation is by doing so, they will NOT experience spiritual poverty.

However, not everyone with Wealth has religious beliefs. We also know that in both history and modern-day economics that wealth produces more wealth and the fact in our contemporary times is that “Less than 20% of people get more than 80% of world’s income.” In other words, wealth distribution in both history and our contemporary times has never been equitable.

We also know that with economic Wealth in a person’s life adds comfort and security along with a person with wealth will have more Power and friends and ability to motivate and influence others.

Or in other words, this same situation was observed 3000 years ago as evidenced by this proverb.

The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends. (Proverb 14:20)

My point is as King Solomon’s observations in regards to wealth, nothing really is  new under the sun in regards to  wealth inequity in the past 3000 years.

Regardless of the types of governing or economic tax breaks laws Congress passes or employs to provide motivations or incentives for society, the three greatest motivations and incantates used recorded in history are Religion and Spirituality and the Quest for Power.

In My Opinion

If we read the article of the pros and cons of any tax breaks approved by Congress that there are pros and cons of providing tax breaks.

For example, in the tax break article, the pro is in our contemporary times about purchasing land to promote land conservation and helps the environment if you consider that trees absorb carbon.

And other Congressional tax breaks are used by many less wealthy to buy homes, have children, save for retirement with 401K plans, donate to charities, or to grow businesses to increase to employ workers.

However, the wealthy can afford to hire tax consultants to manage and make use of various tax incentives approved in Congress. And same as teaching children religion beliefs in depth to guide their paths in life has waned in the USA, so has Religion and Spirituality motivations and inspirations waned along with the belief by the wealthy of a duty to aid the poor.

Instead aiding the poor is becoming more prevalent to have become a duty by governments which is leading to more influence toward a Socialist type of Government instead of Capitalism.

Problem is every experience in history of Socialism has proven to have failed mainly because instead of motivation and inspiring people to succeed, it serves to have had an opposite effect in populations and political unrest in societies.

I also surmise that the waning of Religion and Spirituality might also be factors in more people scheming to obtain tax breaks and other issues of morality in cultures all over the world along with more inequity of wealth distributions that is evident in our contemporary times as well as in various times in history.

In My Next Post

I will provide Clue Number Two to help solve the, M&I “Wise Up” Conundrum, in my opinion.

If Interested

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You Decide

What suggestion in your opinion, and it be the same as mine, on how or what we need to do to wise up to solve this M&I conundrum?

Will you concur with my opinion based on the next clue to be provided in the next post to help us wise up and solve this conundrum now that we have the means to in our contemporary times.?

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