Why is the food situation so sad in Houston and many other cities in the Nation?

The Chicago Tribune – AP-HDT article titled: Helping Feed Huston 1M Pounds at a time, contained this explanation.

“Many people in Houston and around the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck and were caught off guard by the economic fallout from the coronavirus that initially cost the nation 22 million jobs, with10.7 million that haven’t come back. “

In a previous post titled: Who to Blame for Covid Relief Failure, I explained the fact that 53 million Americans live on paychecks from week to week. Yet the Congress of the USA could not pass a partial relief measure because the Democrats are holding out for a complete package.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this sad situation in American politics that the people they voted to represent their interests DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE FOR BEING ELECTED.

King Solomon

Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher; “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

What’s My Point?

“Solomon begins with the prime observation: all is vanity. The word “vanity” does not mean self-admiration in this context. It means “useless.” It’s not a new answer, either. You’ll find it in Job and the Psalms, too. But this is the ultimate expression of it. Solomon seeks the answer to a great question: what is the purpose of man? (Google)”

My point is the purpose of an elected representative is to represent and serve the needs of their constituents and Nation, not to win a negotiation between political parties.

In My Opinion

In later post after Congress failed to agree to pass a measure to address the immediate needs because of congress issue that Democrats “could never support,” instead of amending the Bill to eliminate the issue and pass the bill, the so sad issue in Houston of people are desperate enough to set aside their “personal self-admiration vanities”  and be forced to wait in long car lines burning up gasoline in order to obtain free food to serve the needs of themselves and their family members.

In my opinion, read the article and discern which political party you want serving your needs for the next four years.

So sad Houston in my opinion.

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You Decide

Should Congress have acted on the Bill to address the immediate needs of families who through boo fault of their own have lost their paychecks?

Is the reason it did not pass have anything to do with the vanity of one political party wanting to blame another political party for Covid-19 in order to win the 2020 election?

If so, does it makes any sense to vote for the political party who will not or cannot understand their  Purpose and insists on a package rather than addressing the issue of the immediate needs for Covid relief funds so they do not have to wait in their cars to avoid becoming infected with Covid in order to obtain food to feed themselves and their families?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Chicago Tribune – AP -HDT Article


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