Will there be more riots after the election results or will the Christian example of forgiveness be displayed by the rioters?

Two Chicago Tribune articles on these issues are already in the news?

Lightfoot unveils security plan for possible election related unrest, contained this statement.

“Under pressure to avoid a repeat of this summer’s civil unrest, Mayor Lori Lightfoot unveiled a 10-day preparedness plan aimed at preventing looting and chaos on Chicago’s streets around Halloween and next week’s presidential election.”

Commentary: The need for reconciliation on Nov. 4, contained this statement by an obvious Joe
Biden supporter.

“Second, gloating or being vindictive accomplishes nothing besides causing rancor and divisiveness, which are among the many problems we’re hoping a new presidency will assuage.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and Bible verse along with a personal policing experience of mine.

King Solomon

An angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered one increases rebellion. (Preverb 29:22 CSB)

What’s My Point?

Forty-five years ago, I was assigned as an auxiliary police officer to a private school basketball game in an affluent suburb. Their opponents were mainly Black students bussed in from an inner-city private school. I noticed some of the Black students carried large metal combs in their back pockets (instead of guns) which were known to be used as questionable to enforce potential weapons at that time.

The game scores were very close and when a referee made a close call near the end of the final quarter which was unfavorable to the visiting team, the Black students sitting opposite the White students began stomping on the wooden stands they were seated and chanting “You got to cheat us to beat us.

Being alone, I knew if a riot broke out, I would not be in control if the game was won by the White students and did what the same thing Mayor Lightboat is now planning. I called in to the Police station to prepare for a possible riot at the end of the game.

As it turned out the home team lost and frankly, I was glad because I did not have to deal with a riot situation knowing I would not be very effective alone to control a riot of a couple hundred angry adolescents.

My point is to also remember how the political party who lost the last election to Trump spent the next three years trying to impeach him and the rioters who claimed, “he is not my President.”

In My Opinion

In a previous post titled: Political Bingo, I wrote this statement in regard to the waning of religion taking place in the USA because most parents can no longer afford to send their children to private religious schools.

“The truth is most voters rely on news media information which depends not on education, but on choices made by media owners’ guidance, 

In other words, perhaps the reason for the hatred and lack of unity may be the result of both the media bias and the decrease of religion in the USA.

The result is as Christianity teaching wane, the example of Jesus Christ forgiveness of an angry crowd watching him die on the cross made this statement.

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

If Interested

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You Decide

Is it wise of foolish on the part of Mayor Lightfoot to start planning for the possibility of angry riots on November by either political party voters who may believe the same chant I heard in a close vote tally on Nov 4th? “You got to cheat us to beat us”

Is the reason she has to plan for riots because religion and the virtue of forgiveness is waning in the USA in part because parents can no longer afford to send their children to private schools to be taught parents religious values in depth to understand the wisdom to control anger, and love precepts of reconciliation taught in the Bible?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune October 31, 2020

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Commentary: The need for reconciliation on Nov.


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