Interested in a vital clue to understand the truth of how to significantly reduce abortions and STD infections in the USA?

I read a Citizen Tom Christion Conservative Family Alliance blog post concerns about Sex Education in his State of Virginia which contained this closing statement.

“To find out the truth and figure and what we can and should do, we need to bypass the mass media and seek other sources. We need to consult with other Conservative Christians. In addition, we need to protect our children. Hopefully, you will find these resources useful to those ends”

It reminded me of a previous post I posted about the subject of abortion statistics.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to provide a King Solomon wisdom clue for parents to discern what information will or has been taught to their children who attend a secular school sex education course.

Information which may influence their son or daughter to believe in secular moral values which are not in agreement with religious moral values.

And if influenced with a drug or alcohol in a peer gathering to be ‘pre conditioned’ by secular values and teachings to engage in sex and wind up pregnant or contract an STD, sexual transmitted disease..

King Solomon

5.Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you
    by the gazelles and by the does of the field:
Do not arouse or awaken love
    until it (marriage) so desires. (Song of Songs)

Conundrum Definition (google)

a confusing and difficult problem or question.

What’s My Point?

Sexual education was much simpler in ancient times. A parent would warn their child that “intercourse brings about lactation.”  Parents had religious beliefs and cultures to be involved in marriage selection.

And the risk of contracting an STD is nonexistent in both ancient and our contemporary times if children obeyed the above ancient verse.

My point is in our contemporary times, school boards decide what to teach our children in public secular schools. And if a parent disagrees, their only option is to send their child to a private religious school to be taught their choice of religious rather than secular values.

Problem is in our contemporary times; the poor and most middle-class parents can no longer afford the costs of private schooling. And school choice or school vouchers is a not a popular subject for politicians who need votes from powerful teacher unions to become elected or be reelected.

In My Opinion

The USA laws in a Republic are separated from religious laws. Religion influence has been waning in the USA because of private religious school closings. The results of school closings are as less and less children attend a private school by economics of ability to pay tuition costs in our contemporary times. The less their children are taught religion in depth serves exponentially for religion values to wane and influence society over time.

So, what clue to the conundrum would significate reduce the number of abortions in the USA by an average of approximately 86.8 percent, or would have reduced in 2016 a total of *194,972 abortions in the USA?

We can readily solve the conundrum by discerning the CDC statistics below.

CDC Statistics based on known Marital Status – (Based on Table 18, . Other Table reporting’s have similar percentages.)

Married   29,674 (13.2)
Unmarried   194,972 (86.8)
Total   224,646 (100.0)


CDC Statistics reported the total number of abortions in 2016 was approx. 550,000. The reason for the different totals is the CDC did not have marital status submitted to them by all the reporting areas.

If Interested

Read the Source Links Below

You Decide

What truth of what we could or should have done will be of any value to any parent if one of their unmarried children comes home pregnant or with a STD?

Would a simple compromise solution of Sex Ed Conundrum between various parents secular or religious values be resolved by school choice or school vouchers?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Citizen Tom – Sex Education

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