Interested in how to emulate both a proactive and reactive plan to implement the ‘cycle breakers’ of crime in the USA?  

I read a Blog Post titled: Pray for Faith, and two Chicago Tribune articles titled: Reduce crime in Chicago with second chances, and, Film Program shows ‘cycle breakers.’.

The Pray for Faith Blog contained this statement:

“Prayer is asking for rain. Faith is carrying an umbrella. Faith is the inner sense of knowing that with divine order working on your side, all things will come together for your good. Faith is knowing that there is a divine plan and purpose for everything in life.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient Biblical wisdom and verses of how King Jehoshaphat managed to achieve peace and prosperity during his reign to convey and emulate to repeat his successful plan in the USA.

King Solomon

A man’s heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps. (Proverb 16:9)

What’s My Point?

The Bible chapters tell the story of how King Jehoshaphat sent his Priests out to teach the Lord’s Divine Plan to his subjects to drive out the wickedness they were experiencing in his Kingdom. His zeal in crying out in prayer during aa crisis has been carried on in our contemporary times, the term ‘jumping Jehoshaphat.’

The Chicago Tribune article explains the success in a reactive plan for young arrested criminals to choose to engage in second chance plan which will forgive their actions and lead them on a better path in life.

In previous posts I have produced a study statement, “There is growing evidence that religion, individual religious commitment, and religious congregations have the potential to help prevent high-risk urban youths from engaging in delinquent behavior.”

My point is to challenge the need for both reactive and proactive plans to be affected starting in high crime areas to emulate both the success and zeal of King Jehoshaphat.

In My Opinion

This year the Supreme Court struck down State Laws that prevented the implementation of school choice or school vouchers.

The media needs to report both options of proactive and reactive plans with the same zeal of a ‘jumping Josephat’ to emulate the success recorded in the Bible which was to educate the Divine Plan.

For example,

In St. Sabina Parish in Chicago, many black students are taught religious values that help guide them to avoid the crooked paths in life. There are both success and failures experiences of youth mainly because in my opinion, peer pressures when living in high crime areas serve as huge weights to influence youths to join gangs to profit by selling drugs or other crimes.

In my opinion, in high crime areas, there is more gang influence than religious influences. And as long as one influence has more members than the other influence, the greater weight or will favor the greater numbers of youth during their impressionable years in life.

In other words we need both proactice and reactive Plans to lead our youth from a dark crooked, to a brighter straighter path in their lives The Bible teaches a plan identified as a Divine Plan that teaches youth wisdom and love along with prudence and forgiveness and a number of other virtues. Virtues proven in history to guide youth on a path at a critical stage in life when they are most impressionable.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below and the previous post ttiled  A Nation Society of Folly? 

You Decide

Would you agree with my choice of old sayings the type of leader now needed to initiate as a cycle breaker and emulate the same zeal as ‘jumping Jehoshaphat’ for school vouchers to promote wisdom to implement both reactive and proactive plans for high crime communities in the USA.

“An army of a thousand is easy to find, but, ah, how difficult to find a genius, “……with the same heart and zeal in his beliefs of prayer and faith as King Jehoshaphat.  

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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