Is there statistic evidence of a winkey -wonky election result?

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The Purpose of This Post

To relate an ancient proverb to the statistics of the 2020 Election Results,

King Solomon

He who winks his eye is planning intrigue; he who purses his lips has completed mischief. (Proverb 16:30)

What’s My Point?

Anyone who studied Business Statistics understands the theories of the normal curve to help discern statistical results, or Benford’s Law (Mathematics).

I read a blog titled: Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics) which stated.
Benford’s law or the first-digit law, is used to check if a set of numbers are naturally occurring or manually fabricated. It has been applied to detect the voting frauds in Iranian 2009 election and various other applications including forensic investigations.”

My point is there is the results of the statistics curve results reminded me of both the above proverb.

In My Opinion

President Trump is wise to follow Hillary Clinton’s advice not to concede this election based on the wink-wonky statistical results.

A Citizen Tom Blog post titled: Trump Campaign Legal Team Holds Press Conference in DC 11/19/20

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You Decide

Does the statistics, and proverb appear to perhaps indicate the possibility of political intriguers?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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