Is it really possible what the US House of Representatives priority issue is for the waning days of 2020 …? or…?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: “House votes to decriminalize marijuana” convolutes the real intrigue plans of the proponent’s efforts contained in this statement:

 “A related bill that would give pot businesses access to traditional banking services has languished in the Senate after being approved by the House last year.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom proverb to this issue of why this issue is being brought up now instead of the new Congress of 2021?

Medical Definition of convolute for purpose of this post (Merriam -Webster)

: rolled or wound together with one part upon another

King Solomon

He who lays plans to do evil gets the name “Intriguer: (Proverbs 24:8)

What’s My Point?

It is usually wise to have a plan first with an order of priorities if you set out to accomplish a goal.

Problem is some goals are wise and some are foolish.

My point is Congress has revealed their plan by setting the stage for what they really want in 2021. That is to make it legal across the entire USA for banks to handle cash flow needed to expand sales of recreational marijuana across the USA.

In My Opinion

States decide for themselves whether or not they want to sell legalized recreational marijuana must decriminalize the use for users in the State so police don’t arrest users.

Proponents of this Bill passed are setting the first stage of the plan to intrigue more users to profit on marijuana in spite of knowing a significant number of users will bridge into hard core drugs.

For example,

Illinois sales of recreational marijuana are flattening for various reasons.

One reason is some users are being laid off of jobs and income because of the pandemic.

Another reason is possibly the PPE subsidies have been reduced from 600 to 300 dollars a week

An earlier Chicago Tribune article reported arrests for a huge amount of illegal marijuana from entering Chicago. This means hard pressed users are still buying less costly unlawful contraband marijuana from criminal suppliers which the law was supposed to end.

In my opinion, we need to read between the lines of news articles to understand the logic and intrigue taking place in our Nation.

Or perhaps, the House is worried because of the loss of seats by the majority may be seen as a possible setback by proponents and a new stage has to be set?

To pass a Bill to decriminalize what has already been decriminalized by States who choose whether they want or do not want recreational marijuana to expand in their communities.

If Interested

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You Decide

Wise or foolish planning or intrigue that took place in the Bill just passed in The House in the waning days of a really lousy year for the USA.

Would making a bet be a wise or foolish that in 2021, the House will again bring up the failed Bill to allow banks to finance the expansion of recreational marijuana in the USA?

Should all members in Congress take a course in marketing is always seeking to enlarge market sales to profit which includes an element to intrigue legislators to do their bidding?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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