Will the 2020 election be a plus or minus, or a major setback for taxpayer fairness for private school religious education?

While a Chicago Tribune article titled: Op-ed hated for condensation contempt for educators opinioned and is being chastised for her opinion about “honorific Dr degree” awarded Jill Biden while she busted her butt to earn hers,

,,,,another article titled:

Hawaii Teachers React to How Biden Presidency Might Reshape Education Policy, reported this statement.

“(Trump’s Secretary of Education)  DeVos also pushed, unsuccessfully, to have states give a greater portion of $13.5 billion they received in CARES Act funding to private schools than what was intended by Congress.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate a proverb and idiom about politicians hypocricy and possibility that the 2020 election will result in a setback for fairness of school choice or school vouchers in the USA. A setback which in my opinion for many who serve to benefit the Black Communities in urban areas living in high crime, single family, poverty and even middle-class areas in our Nation.

King Solomon

“It’s no good, it’s no good!” says the buyer– then goes off and boasts about the purchase. (Proverb 20:14)


“Squeaky wheels get the most grease.”

What’s My Point?

King Solomon proverb relates to the ageless practice of the relationship between buyers and sellers or traders since the beginning of time and recorded history. Sellers puff their products and, buyers accuse them of being worthless not needed to persuade the seller to reduce the price.

And the end result is the seller supposedly gives in on price to the buyer who goes off and thinks he made a good deal, or believes was a good deal. Problem is in truth; the question is doing the buyer get a good deal or was he outsmarted by the seller who inflated the price to begin with?

My point is if you believe the major news media has inflated the goods aboutg Joe Biden and been silent on President Trump for the last four years, think again about the number of news reports that you probably never even knew or heard about. For example, how many news reports have you heard or read about the Supreme Court in 2020 decision to rule the Blaine Amendments were unconstitutional since enacted after the Civil War that prohibited public funds be used for private educations are unconstitutional.

In other words, States like Florida which are now funding student tuitions for minority children as well as middle class, to attend private religious schools to help them succeed in life when they live in high crime, single family urban areas and cannot afford tuition. Same as the majority of politicians in Washington can afford to do with their children. Namely the same thing both the Obamas and Bidens did with their children.

In My Opinion

I know for a fact that many well-meaning religious people and minorities voted against President Trump because they were never aware of his choice of Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education who is a proponent of School choice of school vouchers.

In my opinion, and I hope I am wrong, that the new Biden administration will be a setback for the issue of tax fairness for parents who have to pay two tuitions if they choose to want to pass on their religious views in depth to their children.

Unfair because they cannot afford to do so, or have never experienced being taught in a private religious school themselves, or have no knowledge because of the silence of the mass media to explain the 2020 Supreme Court ruling this year. In other word, there no longer is any so constitutional reasons why they cannot prod State legislators by using the age-old idiom methods idiom advice that has been used since the invention of the wheel.

“Squeaky wheels get the most grease.”

In other words, ask yourself this question and hypocrisy of politicians. Why is it that the majority of politicians and wealthy parents send their kids to private schools?

Then ask yourself, why is it the government has never conducted a study to compare the number of convicted criminals to find out if they attended a public school or a private religious school? A study to discern which type of schooling every behavior scientist will confirm in our contemporary times which was observed and recorded 3000 years ago.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. (Proverb 22:6)

So will Joe Biden fulfill his campaign promise to make use of science if elected, and enact what every behavior scientist will advise him about teaching children when they are young and they will (hopefully) not turn from it when they grow to maturity and make choice and actions on the paths in life?

Choices of not being influenced by peer gang members during their most vulnerable and impressionable times in life,

If interested

Read the Source Links below,

You Decide’

Will your choice of President be a wise or foolish purchase for the next four years?

Are you aware of the Supreme Court ruling in 2020 that makes it unconstitutional to enforce States from withholding your taxes to pay for private education if you choose to use your taxes and choice as a parent rather than the government school monopolies to pass on your religious values in depth to your children, not the governments children?  Same as most politicians now can afford to do because of their high salaries and benefits funded by your taxes?

Is this following statement the truth, and if so, why is it not being reported in the news?

“Black parents love charter schools and voucher-supported private school vouchers because they teach values, self-respect, and hope. But no, if this option for poor or lower-~income parents has more Democrat opposition than ever.”

Regard and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune – Dr Jill Biden


Civilbeat – Teachers React


NYPost – Biden Presidency a Disaster for Our Schools


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