“If trust is essential to societal functioning and it has also been eroded in recent years, what can possibly be done to rebuild it?”

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Joe Biden clears 270 vote thresholds in Electoral College count, formalizing his victory as the next President.  

Now that the electoral college has declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, the subject of how and what Joe Biden will or must do to restore trust in a Nation where 50 percent of the population have lost trust in the Institution of Government of the USA because of the 2020 Election fiasco, in my opinion.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and idiom along with a Psychology Today article for interested readers to consider.

King Solomon

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths”. (Proverb 3:5)


“once bitten, twice shy”

“a bad experience makes you wary of the same thing happening again.”

This expression dates from the late 19th century. A variant common in the USA is “once burned, twice shy”

What’s My Point?

People of faith believe the proverb to trust in the Lord and He will direct their steps.

Problem is religious faith is waning in the USA mainly because of the secular school system forbids the institution of government to teach faith to their children as explained in previous posts on School Vouchers.

Judging from Joe Biden’s cabinet picks, one might discern that Joe’s path in office will be guided by the same people who guided Obama.

While at the same time, 50 percent of the Nation believes Joe’s election was rigged.

A Psychology Today article stated the following:

“First of all, trust can be rebuilt through actions but is less likely to be restored through words alone. Of course, politicians can still make speeches, but the best way to rebuild trust is to show results. The more scientific and quantifiable the results, the better.”

My point is half of the Nation voters through their vote has put their faith in Joe Biden and half did not. The result is to wonder what Joe will or can do to restore trust in the institution of a Republic form of government in the USA?

In My Opinion

I will pray for our Nation and trust in God as King Solomon proverb advised..

While at the same time, I will voice my opinions to our legislators as should everyone to prevent Joe and the Democrat institution from allowing our Nation to be bitten twice by repeating actions that occurred as a result of foolish policies in history.

For example, Socialism has failed in history, and globalism economics and a service economy instead of a manufacturing economy has failed as revealed during the Trump term in office.

Another example is to have experienced having to rely on N95 masks and wait to be shipped from sources 8000 miles away 6during the pandemic. While in the meantime, e thousands of Americans died because of reliance on globalism and a service economy instead of vital supplies being manufactured in the USA and made by-USA workers.

And as I explained in a previous post, if the legislatures do not listen, in a Republic we can change their course in the next election which will occur in two and four years.

If Interested

Read the Source articles below

You Decide

Wise or foolish proverb, idiom, and the Psychology Today advice?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

Psychology Today – Rebuilding Trust in Our Institutions

Rebuilding Trust in Our Institutions | Psychology Today

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Idiom – Bitten Twice


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