Interested in a comparison of school fast facts between private and public schools in Illinois?

The Chicago Tribune articles titled:

1.Durbin can’t count on deficit help: “Don’t rely on virus aid from Washington Virus aid for budget, he warns.”

2.Census: 7th year in a row of Illinois population loss the worse yet” “And tell us as the budget continues to bloat,”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to the “bloated budget” in relation to some fast facts about school budgets on the difference of public to private schools in Illinois.

King Solomon

When a king sits on his throne to judge, he winnows out all evil with his eyes. (Proverb 20:8)

What’s My Point?

We no longer have kings in Illinois to winnow out all evil, instead we have legislators.

The sad fact of Ille results of Illinois is perhaps their eyes don’t see very well or perhaps there is something “evil” or perhaps “foolish” going on in Illinois that the legislators do not want to see?

In previous posts I have explained my opinion about the failure of secular public schools to teach Religious wisdom and love, morals, virtue, and values, self-respect, and hope to children because of State laws that forbid teaching religion or funding tax funds to private schools even though the Supreme Court ruled in 2020 that the Blaine Amendments enacted after the Civil War were and are now unconstitutional.

My point is to provide some fast facts about the difference in education budget and other information about school budgets in Illinois.

Fast Facts

Homeowners here (Illinois) pay higher property taxes than 93% of U.S.

The largest share of local property tax (62 percent) goes to school districts for education.

Private school education costs are lower than public school costs.

The private elementary school average is $6,267 per year and the private high school average is $12,555 per year.

Illinois spends the most per student of any state in the Midwest.

In fall 2015, some 69 percent of all private elementary and secondary students were White, 

Fast Facts: Public and private school comparison (55) (

“private school students scoring 3.1 points higher on the ACT test”

“Black parents love charter schools and voucher-supported private school vouchers because they teach values, self-respect, and hope. But no, if this option for poor or lower-~income parents has more Democrat opposition than ever.”

An Awakening First Step Finally? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (

In My Opinion

Illinois legislators might need to open their eyes to consider that perhaps they should listen to parents instead of unions in Illinois?

If Interested

Read the Source Links below on the issues of School Vouchers and Chicago Violence in addition to the above links.

You Decide

Now that the State Blaine Amendments have been ruled unconstitutional, should parents start contacting their legislators to help them open their eyes about school choice and school vouchers?

Now that Senator Durbin has warned that, don’t rely on virus aid from Washington Virus aid for budget, he warns.” – perhaps Illinois legislators need to begins “winnowing” budget items before the ultimate Census facts occur?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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