What gift should everyone ask for and never tire of the pleasure it will afford them for the rest of their lives?

Everyone or parent will experience every Christmas giving a gift to their child, family or friends to give their joy and pleasure of receiving their gift, but unfortunately know they will tire of the gift over time.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate a King Solomon verses and an idiom as a clue to help interested readers solve the conundrum and explain why Santa or his elves gifts have limits of pleasure if their gifts in time.

King Solomon

I said to myself, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure; enjoy what is good!” But it proved to be futile (Ecclesiastes 2:1)

What’s My Point?

The reason Santa or his elves cannot provide this gift is their gifts will have limits on the pleasure.

 Or in other words, the following idiom will provide another clue.

Barking up the wrong tree
You’re looking in the wrong place – accusing the wrong person or pursuing a mistaken or misguided line of thought. 

My point is to explain where is the right place to solve the conundrum along with the reason why.

In My Opinion

The right place or tree to bark under along with the answer to the conundrum is in the following links.


Regards, goodwill blogging, and Merry Christmas