When you hear or read a news report that states “the reasons are likely….,” what does that imply in relation to the truth of the issue or the ‘experts” understanding, knowledge, or wisdom of the issues.

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Pandemic, Civil unrest, likely attributed to the 50 percent increase in Chicago homicides in 2020, experts say, reported the following statement:

“While all these are new efforts, many criticize the investments are not nearly enough to fully encompass the scope of the violence problem.:

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verse and an idiom to the what the word meanings of ‘likely’ really implies and my opinions of what is more ‘likely’ the root causes of “the violence problem.”

Definitions of likely (Merriam Webster) 

1: having a high probability of occurring or being true: 

2: apparently qualified: 

3: RELIABLECREDIBLE a likely enough story

4: Promising likely candidate

5: Attractive likely child


Pass the Buck

To shift or reassign the blame or responsibility (for something) to another person, group, or thing.

Politicians have two skills: making empty promises and then passing the buck when they fail to deliver on their policies or campaign promises.

Maybe instead of passing the buck, we should think about what you could be doing to improve other performance while in office.

King Solomon

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverb 22:6 KJV)

What’s My Point?

If you relate the rest of the Chicago Tribune report, it implies a host of reasons beginning with the pandemic and on down as “a likely story: of the reasons for the 50 percent increase of shootings in Chicago and all the “investments” of taxpayer’s funds and politician’s efforts to end what a a religious philosopher would describe as the sins taking place in Chicago and the Nation.

My point is the news article did not pinpoint the core reason for the shootings and omitted the wisest investment needed to reduce the ‘sins’ that are occurring in Chicago and our Nation.

In My Opinion

In ancient times in Israel, every year a sacrificial goat was burnt on an altar to atone for the sins that occurred in Israel for the people too poor to afford to pay for an animal to be sacrificed in the Temple to atone for their sins.

In our contemporary times, we no longer teach the poor what it means to sin in our secular schools.  We do not teach the wisdom of morals and the belief of God’s judgment when they die and if they did not atone for their sins in their lifetime, they will be accountable for a punishment.

Many who read this explanation will judge the above to be a likely story, or passing the buck unreelable explanation that would only be attractive to a child and not an adult who instead believe the reporters has a higher probability of being the truth than passing the buck of why to the pandemic as the likely reason for the increase of shootings, killings, crimes, guns, etc. etc.

In my opinion and others including psychological studies, anyone who has been taught as a child not to sin or pass the buck will most likely not sin because of his or her belief that they will be judged for their sins and made accountable, if not in this life the next.

In other words, the main reason for the increase is more likely to be in the explanation in my post yesterday which I forwarded to the Chicago Tribune.

And I used the KJV of the proverb because it contains the word “up” as the location of where the teachings will lead.

The post also gives my more likely reason where to invest to reduce the shootings which is to allow parents’ choice of passing on their religious values to be taught in depth in a school of their choice.

Not doing so will more likely continue the trend of religious beliefs in wisdom and love to wane in the USA and more likely for sins to increase especially in poor urban areas in our Cities and Nation, in my opinion.

If Interested

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You Decide

Which story to explain the core reasons for the shootings and crimes is more likely in your opinion is more like to provide in time a reversal from down to up in the future of our Nation?

Which story of the core reasons for the increases of shootings in relation to the shooting victims more likely to be passing the buck analogy the story of why a goat was sacrificed every year in ancient Israel?

Are the “experts” really experts or Disney World fantasies, or more likely passing the buck for the increased shootings sins  on the pandemic?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune December 31, 2020

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