Ever wonder why we make new year resolutions? If interested, read the brief History Article in the Source Link below of how New Year resolutions came about.  

If you care to read King Solomon’s wise advice about making vows, perhaps if you consider before making your vow, it may improve your success rate?.

King Solomon

A dream comes when there are many cares,

    and many words mark the speech of a fool.  (Ecclesiastes 5:3)


for a fool is full of words, and pours out his foolishness in a large profusion of them; or his voice in prayer, being like a man’s dream, confused, incoherent, and rambling.

In Other Words

If every year you repeat the same words in your New Years resolutions in hopes of achieving your dreams and do nothing to achieve your dream or resolution, you can compare your words to a dream you wake up to that appears confusing, incoherent and rambling same as a fool’s words.

In My Opinion

Spiritual inspiration works to motivate persons to achieve positive results in our lives if we take the time to read and heed wise advice.

If Interested

Read more about King Solomon Proverbs in a contemporary novel of how he shared his wisdom with the Queen of Sheba three thousand years ago. The novel is non-denominational based on Judea Christian proverbs and ancient near eastern sources of wisdom. Proverbs and wise sayings teach us to succeed in life, sometimes called “the granddaddy of every self-improvement book ever.”  

Regards. goodwill blogging, and Happy New Year.

Source Links

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