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In My Opinion

Thank God for the internet and google to help speed up understanding and knowledge about wisdom and love in the Bible that sadly is unlawful to be taught to our children in public secular schools.

In other words, while internet and google can speed up information in seconds and is legal to be taught to influence our children about every subject “under the sun.”

Sadly though, much of the information our children are obtaining and being influenced to learn on the internet is not what parents want taught to them.

Even more sad is if we are poor or middle-class families, many cannot afford to pay two tuitions, one to support public secular schools with our taxes and one to pay tuition to a private religious school because it is illegal to teach the wisdom and love in the Bible in public secular schools, but not on the internet that can teach our children “any devil of a matter” in seconds.

However, thanks to the Supreme Court decision in 2020, he Blaine Amendments enacted by States after the Civil War to prohibit our tax funds from being used to fund private religious schools have been ruled unconstitutional.

All we have to do now is vote for legislators in our States to support school choice or school vouchers so we can choose to have the same opportunity to be taught wisdom that King Solomon taught children 3000 years ago.

After all, it must be wise to do so because 40 percent of public-school teachers and most politicians send their children to private schools.

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You Decide

Is there something foolish in the logic of laws that the internet can teach anything under the sun but the schools cannot because it is illegal?

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

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