Interested in an analogy comparison of the Washington DC Capital anarchy scenario?

The Chicago Tribune articles today, too many to choose from, point blame at President Trump along with a host of opinions of the event by various groups of intriguers. These articles brought to my mind some reasoning I experienced during my manufacturing working career.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to related an ancient proverb and an analogy of what working people experience every day in a manufacturing plant to produce components from iron ores to high precision tolerance widgets.

King Solomon

Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. (Proverb 22:29)

What’s My Point?

Most people who never experienced working in a manufacturing plant that requires engineering blueprint details, manufacturing processes, and quality controls required to produce a high precision widget do not understand the details of how a widget is manufactured.

For example, converting iron ore to be mixed with various elements to obtain steel strength tensile requirements by melting in extreme high temperature ovens and pouring molten metals is just the beginning of a casting required for a widget.

Converting the steel raw material next requires an engineer to examine a blueprint of specifications stipulating dimensions and tolerance in the thousands of inches. Then writing a manufacturing process to route the raw steel product through various machining process which could number perhaps 30 with various quality inspections taking place to test for tolerances and hardness specifications both before and after heat treatments process to harden the part to the engineering specifications.

Every process requires human trained skills and interactions with high precision maintain machinery and precision heat treatment furnaces to produce a widget.

And because both humans and machines are involved, there is always a risk that some unplanned will occur and the widget will have to be scrapped and the who process started again.

The reasons pf why something unplanned happens sometimes even after all the designing planning time and energy expended is the point of my analogy.


While employed as a purchasing agent and fairly knowledgeable and experienced in the processes of a casting vendor qualifications to produce a very large casting required for a very high precision widget we would machine into the blueprint precision tolerances.

I called a vendor in to a meeting with an engineer and quality control managers to have him explain how his plant failed to detect a small crack that appeared during our machining of the casting.

During the meeting the vendor sat and listened as we mercilessly “poured hot coals” on him and brought up details of how his plant had failed even though they had an impeccable reputation for supplying high precision castings and rigorous inspection procedures and industry qualifications.

After listening and trying to explain what might have happened, which frankly, he had no way of pinpointing the exact reason, he all of a sudden stood up and said in a calm tone,

“Should I take off my shirt so you guys can whip me for the only reason I am about to give you. And that is in spite of every precaution we employed, sometimes shit happens.”

In My Opinion

What happened in the Washington Capital in spite of all the preparations and planning what might happen resulted to be inadequate? Or the political finger pointing and accusations of various politicians? Or whether what occurred was preplanned by intriguers?

If we really want to know the truth, we will never know unless an investigation to uncover the details similar to uncovering what might occur in a machining process.

Or will after an extensive investigation will the truth be similar to an explanation a casting vender gave in the meeting in my story analogy which was “sometimes shit happens?”

If you consider the variables of thousands of people with various human mind sets along with heated or heat-treated anger, frankly in my opinion, it could have been far worse scenario than what occurred.

What we should consider in retrospect though is what did not happen during the 2020 elections was perhaps similar to details similar to engineering blueprints details.

The election workers did not follow the election laws (blueprints) and that led to the real reason or cause or reason of the Washington anarchy.

Or in other words or what should or would have happened should have been the same procedure as what happens in a manufacturing plant when quality control detects a flaw in the widget.

The widget gets scrapped and the manufacturing process starts all over again.

If Interested

Read my previous post the Source link below of what is the root cause of why we have unskilled workers wandering around in Washington DC and all around in our Nation.

You Decide

When the time comes for the opinions or intriguers to meet and explain before the Supreme “King,” their maker, to measure his or her skills He blessed them with compared to their story in life, will he or she be judged to be “worthy” or “obscure?”.

Wise or foolish analogy?

Regards and goodwill blogging.  

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