Is the USA in the process of reviving the ancient sacrificial scapegoat ceremony to atone for the who or what for their crimes or sins?

The Chicago Tribune news articles are reporting all the humongous security measures and costs to protect the Capitols all over the USA. Also, attempting to interpret the Constitution to allow the Senate to approve the House Impeachment and who or what Justices will perform the impeachment?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate the practice of sacrificing a goat to atone for breaking laws or sins of a Nation and to identify the root cause of who is responsible for the need for all of the protection now in progress and the humongous costs, in my opinion.

King Solomon

61 Let your heart therefore be perfect with the Lord our God, to walk in his statutes, and to keep his commandments, as at this day. 62 And the king, and all Israel with him, offered sacrifice before the Lord. (Kings 8:61-62)

Ancient Judaism – Sacrificial Goats -Main article: Azazel

Two goats were chosen by lot: one to be “for YHWH“, which was offered as a blood sacrifice, and the other to be the scapegoat to be sent away into the wilderness.

Definition of Statute Merriam Webster

1: a law enacted by the legislative branch of a government

2: an act of a corporation or of its founder intended as a permanent rule

3: an international instrument setting up an agency and regulating its scope or authority

What’s My Point?

We live in a world of statues or laws of both man and beliefs of God.

When someone breaks a law of man he or she is identified as a criminal

When someone breaks a law of God he is identified as a sinner.

My point is to relate the ancient ritual of sacrificing a goat to what is being reported in the news today on two issues dominating todays news.

The first is to identify the root cause for all the distrust of the 2020 election which is the main reason for all the unlawful behavior now taking place in our Nation.

The second is to identify and question why only President Trump has been selectied by the “High Priests” to be the only scapegoat for what has occurred during and after the 2020 Election.

First though, we we need to discern what was the root law or sin that brought about the Election. distrust of the 2020 election, the anarchy at the Capitol, and now the humongous preparations and costs being expended to safeguard the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden

In My Opinion

The root cause, is the Congress of the USA for never enacting minimum standards of uniform election laws and procedures for every State to follow so as not to breed distrust by voters of the truth of the results.

If Congress would be fair and just in blaming and impeaching President Trump for breaking the laws or sinning against the Constitution, they should also include themselves, and the Governors of States who broke their own election laws to be judged or selected to be the scapegoat to be “sent away into the wilderness.”

If Interested

Read the Source links below about scapegoat rituals of various cultures in history and a previous post of what should have been done in my opinion to prevent the present root cause of what is now occurring in our Nation.

You Decide

Are politicians being fair and just in who or what for to blame for the anarchy now occurring in our Nation?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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