Is there a more wise and prudent economic legal solution to prevent more Catholic School closings in Illinois?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Archdiocese announces 12 parish mergers, school closing. decision if 29 more to come this weekend, contained this revealing clue statement.

“………is now facing a $300,000 deficit due to the loss of 41 students.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb as a clue along with information to add counsel for Illinois legislators to discern for the entire State which could save millions and make a lot of people very happy to live in Illinois instead of moving to another State.

King Solomon

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. (Proverb 15:22)

What’s My Point?

I have written numerous posts to advocate for school choice or school vouchers which in my opinion would in time reduce crime in high poverty areas. Now that the Supreme Court in 2020 ruled that it is unconstitutional for States laws to forbid tax funds for use in private religious schools, and many Black parents want school choice, the news article has provided a clue to why it would be an economic plus to help fund private Catholic Schools to prevent them from closing.

One reason why, is revealed in the clue keep alluding to which is if you discern and breakdown the statement that “the school is $300,000 short because of 41 students no longer attending” the school, and divide the numbers, it suggests that each student represents an approximate of $7500 per student.

So, if the students in closed private schools transfer to public schools, the per student amount Illinois taxpayers will pay is $13,000 per student.

This begs a question. Is the reason the school is 41 students less because of Covid, parents are unable to pay tuition? If so, State and local government taxpayers are about to pay 41 time $13,000 or $513,000 more.

Perhaps the State might want to consider providing the $300,000 shortfall to save taxpayers $213,000?

Of course, this begs another question, which is my point. Why not allow parents to choose the school they want instead of the State and perhaps only pay a maximum or $7500 per student?

In My Opinion

There is something amiss about the entire government school system being run by government and funded by taxpayers. The premise that taxpayers who choose to send their children to private religious schools pay two tuitions, one to fund public and one to fund private schools.

Add that private schools score higher than public schools and 40 percent of public-school teachers send their own kids to private schools, and then add that the majority of politicians in Washington DC send their kids to private schools.

In my opinion, ‘amiss” is not the right word to describe the entire government run school system in the USA. The better word is “a miss.”

And as more and more private parochial schools continue to close, the taxpayer burden on schools will worsen for taxpayers and add to the Illinois exodus when we consider there are approximately 300,000 children in Illinois who attend a private school.

If Interested

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You Decide

Should voters and legislators consider this “clue” now that the Supreme Court has made school choice or school vouchers legal in Illinois and every other State in the Nation?

Is a plan and a need for more counselors as the King Solomon advised needed to consider School Choice, or School Vouchers a wise, foolish, or common-sense consideration for Illinois parents who want their children taught their religious values and for taxpayers to consider who to vote for in the next election?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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