What comparison to describe what the Senate Impeachment Trial may or will be compared with in history?

I read a Citizen Tom Blog and comments titled: The Attack on Free Speech, and wondered how he could listen in to the proceedings when what I heard in 10 minutes was more than I could bear so I turned the switch off.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and my opinion along with the words to best describe what I heard came into my mind what really  is taking place in the Senate.

King Solomon

Solomon’s Royal Court and Administrators

4 King Solomon ruled over all Israel. 2 These were his officials: (Kings 4:4)

Excerpt Gils Commentary

 “And these were the princes which he had, that were in office about him, in the highest posts of honor and trust:”

What’s My Point?

The Bible Chapter written 3000 years ago named each of Solomon’s choice to the highest post of honor and trust.

In our contemporary times we the people have voted to choose a Senator to represent us in an honorable manner to trust, same as the Greeks did in the first Democracy 2500 years ago.

The Greeks are also credited with producing the first plays that in essence depicted what occurred in their time and leaders.

My point is the performance reminds me a Greek Tragedy Comedy plays.

In My Opinion

I commented on Citizen Tom’ s blog that after listening for ten minutes of the proceedings that the Senate Impeachment Trial taking place in the Capitol by some really bad actor leader’s performance speeches reminded me of ancient Greek tragedy comedy plays.

For Example

“The Greek word for “actor” is hypocrites, which means “answerer” or “interpreter,” but the word cannot tell us anything about tragedy’s origins, since we do not know when it came into use.[6]

Also, Easterling says:

There is. much to be said for the view that hypocrites mean ‘answerer’. He answers the questions of the chorus and so evokes their songs. He answers with a long speech about his own situation or, when he enters as messenger, with a narrative of disastrous events … Naturally, the transformation of the leader into an actor entailed a dramatization of the chorus.[11]”‘


If Interested

Read Citizen Toms blog and comments in the Source Link below

You Decide

Is watching the Senate Impeachment trial remind you of the comment made to me by a friend while watching a really bad play. “I can have more fun at my dentist’s office having my teeth pulled.”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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