Did the Trump lawyers expose the deception of his accusers with their presentation of how his accusers used the word fight?

Anyone who watched the defense presentation videos of many of the Democrat leaders using the words fight should consider an ancient proverb.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and an idiom to what millions of people witnessed of how Democrat leaders accusing President Trump of inciting an insurrection were displayed for doing the same thing they accused President Trump of doing.

King Solomon

Proverbs 26:26

Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation.

Gils Bible Commentary

Whose hatred is covered by deceit, the hatred of whose heart is covered by deceitful words, and strong expressions of love and esteem; so that those to whom they are made are deceived by them. Or, whose “hatred is covered in a waste or desert place” (n); it being not seen; as what is done in desert places is not obvious to view, being little frequented; which agrees with what follows, and keeps up the antithesis between the two clauses: Scholten’s renders it, with a tumultuous noise, with loud and public acclamations; see Zechariah 4:7;

his wickedness shall be showed before the whole congregation; in an open court of judicature, where he shall be brought, arraigned, and tried for his wickedness; which, though covertly done, shall be exposed and proved upon him: or before the church of God, where he shall be convicted by the word, and be obliged to acknowledge his sin; and, in a member, be reproved before all, and rejected: or however, at the great day of judgment, before angels and men, when all will be convened together; and where every secret work will be brought, and will be brought to light, and receive its just reward.

What’s My Point?

I watched at first in utter amazement the video at first and then had to laugh at the performances of the various Democrat leaders who are accusing Trump of using the word fight they claim incited the mob to invade the Capitol.

Everyone needs to watch the video in my opinion to discern the proverb and explanation of what the impeachment is all about..

My point is the video exposed the Democrats deceit, hatred, and wickedness of accusing Trump for doing what was exposed about themselves to the “assembly” of millions of people watching in the USA and World.

In My Opinion

What they witnessed was a display of being exposed for their hatred, deceit, and wickedness for accusing Trump of incitement when they were displayed using the very same words Trump used.

In my opinion, the idiom “one picture is worth a thousand words” should apply to the video, the accusers, and the lawyers engaged in twisting words that followed in the Senate today.

And if anyone is in need of a good laugh, I believe the news media will repeat the videos presentations.

If Interested

Read a previous post of my opinions of a comparison of ancient Democracy to describe what the Congressional Impeachment has become especially after watching the video of Democrats using the word fight.

You Decide

If after watching the video, will you consider any Senator on either party to be a wise of foolish Senator if they vote to impeach Trump.

If after watching the video, will you consider any Senator on either party to be display by his vote a Senator to honor or trust as a leader of our Nation’ Congressional assembly?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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