Would you agree or disagree that jailed drug addicts should be treated with marijuana tax revenues?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: We shouldn’t even have to have this conversation, reported this statement:

“Cost is another concern, but he said that should not be a consideration.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this issue and question if the marijuana tax funds derived from the sale of legalized recreational marijuana should be used to pay for drug addiction medications while incarcerated.

King Solomon

Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. (Proverb 31:8)

What’s My Point?

Frankly, I have great empathy for drug addicts even when they make foolish choices to inject drugs for recreational purposes and wind up digressing into hard drugs like opium. That is because a doctor once told me that the recidivism rate of a heroin addict is 90 percent. In other words, once they digress to became a heroin addict, the majority of opium addicts will continually regress back to using addictive drugs for the rest of their lives.

The article explains that any drug addict will suffer painful episodes if incarcerated and deprived of methadone which is also an addictive drug.

My point is to question if the tax funds being collected from the sale of recreational marijuana should be used to pay for drug addicts who become incarcerated for the unlawful acts they engage in such driving while under the influence of a drug, or stealing to pay for their drugs, etc. etc.

In My Opinion

Now that the State of Illinois and its voters approved the referendum to allow for use of recreational marijuana even though there is medical proof that a significant number of users will digress to using harder drugs like opium. Over time, in my opinion, we Illinois voters and taxpayers now bear responsibility to pay for what we chose to approve,

In previous posts I commented that the taxes derived from the sales of recreational marijuana sales will in time neve be sufficient to pay the medical costs to treat or pay for medications of hard-core drug addicts, some who digressed after being introduced by using marijuana for recreational purposes.

In other words, the title of the hard-core Chicago Tribune article is spot on in my opinion now that we voted to approve the use of recreational marijuana. The reach result is once the drugs become legal, there will be more use over time, the more users introduced will digress to require medial treatments.

While some will say, let’s just hike up the taxes on marijuana to pay for drug addicts’ treatment, in my opinion it will never be enough because same as cigarettes are sold on black markets to avoid paying high taxes, the same criminal markets are already remaining in business for recreational marijuana.

If Interested

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You Decide

Should Illinois taxpayers complain about having to pay to treat drug addicts after approving the use of recreational marijuana in spite of the proof that a significant number of users will digress into becoming drug addicts for the rest of their lives.

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