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In a previous post titled, Religion Rights Math Conundrum, I explained how Governor Pritzker’s proposed budget item to lower incentives for private donations for school choice students could wind up coat $260,000,000 more instead of less.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse to add more cold water to the math folly if the proposed Illinois State Budget for 2021.

King Solomon

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death. (Proverb 14:12 NIV)

What’s My Point?

While no one can deny that a Democrat Republic will survive better with educated citizenry to enable all citizens to participate with equity instead of only the privileged who can afford to educate their children.

Most people are not aware of the ulterior motive that resulted in Government taking control of schools was based on fear and bias against the Irish immigrants flooding into the USA. Many were Roman Catholic Christion’s. The fear was a belief that Roman Catholics have a duty to obey the Pope in Rome views instead of the Constitution. So, they passed laws to prevent any Government funding ever be used to fund private religious schools.

Their fears never intended that religion never be taught in public schools and teaching religion was permitted for a long period until Atheists challenged and won a Supreme Court Ruling that religious education must be separated in all USA public schools.

Over time the costs to send a child has increased, mainly because less nuns entered into Convents to participate in a religious vocation based on taking vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. In other words, the costs in private religious schools increased when teachers in religious schools were paid higher salaries than nuns.

And as with everything that Government becomes involved with, the cost rose as teacher unions grew.

However, the parent’s salaries who send their kids to religious private schools, especially in poor or poverty areas which were subsidized by other wealthier donators to help fund the private religious schools became no longer affordable for many middleclass or poverty parents to pay two tuition costs. One to fund public schools and one to fund private schools.

The end result is the number of children who attended private schools in the USA:

“In America, 2.2 million children attend Catholic schools–fewer the half the number in the early 1960s,” 

In My Opinion,

Another report indicates a large variance in White children attend Catholic Schools. Forty percent of public-school teachers send their children to private religious school, and most politicians do the same.

If we consider the math using the mean average tuitions per student vs public school paid by taxpayers to private schools, consider the following statement.

“Based on the average public school per pupil cost of $11,454, Catholic schools provide more than 21 billion dollars a year savings for the nation. The published public school per pupil cost combines elementary and secondary pupils and ranges from $6,751 to more than $25,000.”

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You Decide

If we discern the proverb in relation to the issue, it appears to me the Governor’s Budget math may appear right in his eyes, but it will only add to the hasten the death of equity for parents to choose what school is best for their children instead of the Government? And as more children leave private religious schools, so will the costs be passed on to local communities taxes.

Should Illinois voter vote for legislators to allow school choice or school vouchers now that the Supreme Court has ruled the previous laws to prevent taxpayers’ funds to be used is unconstitutional?

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