Should President Biden demonstrate the same compassion, justice, equity and government benefits to the desperate homeless in the USA as the desperate immigrant asylum seekers receive in temporary government benefits?

There are millions and millions of sad desperate people in the world in need of asylum.

There are also over 567,715 sad desperate homeless people in the USA who in my opinion need asylum from living on the streets.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and the King Solomon judgement to propose to cut a disputed baby in half story to question the equity and justice for desperate people living in the USA

King Solomon

These things also belong to the wise: It is not good to show partiality in judgment. (Proverb 24:23 NLJV)

What’s My Point?

USA voters have made their decision what path they want to follow when they elected the Democrat agenda.

President Biden signed Presidential Executive orders to set new directions to allow more asylum seekers to enter the USA Both voters and Democrat supporters have decided to be a more compassionate direction to help desperate people enter the USA. Many religious agree it is a holy thing to do to be compassionate and help those in need.

However, an issue of justice and equity arises when taxpayers must fund to help or pass equitable laws on every lawful order or Bill passed by legislators.

For example, most people are aware of King Solomons wise decision to order a baby be cut in half resulted in a wise equitable and just judgement to decide who was the real mother in the dispute he had to decide.

My point is to present this following question.

“Should the same compassionate benefits available to the thousands of immigrants in our Nation be made available to the over one half million homeless wandering about in the USA?

In My Opinion

This post is not intended to be sarcastic or offend any person, culture, or political views of readers. It is a Christion holy thing to help those in need.

I understand that there are many charities that demonstrate their religious beliefs and are funded by taxpayers though either taxes or borrowing.

In my opinion, allowing homeless people to live in tents in freezing temperatures, defecate on sidewalks, scrounge in restaurants trash container for food, sleep in fear of assault, beg in the streets in a humiliating manner not being seen by indifferent passing them by even though they are compassionate of their plight.

In other words, the USA homeless should have the same government benefits be made available to them as the immigrants who are awarded asylum into the USA as explained in the following link.

Rights and Available Benefits After a Grant of Asylum

State of Homelessness: 2020 Edition

If Interested in the Issue of Compassion and Equity in Government

Voice your opinion to Joe Biden and donate to the homeless in the USA.

You Decide

Should we donate today to a charity of our choice to help the sad desperate people in abundant supply in the USA and the World?

Should President Joe Biden be as wise and equitable as King Solomon on this Issue.

Should President Joe Biden sign just one more Presidential Executive Action on this issue to the following list he already signed.

Biden’s executive orders: View the list (

Regards and goodwill blogging.