Did Governor Pritzker purposely or inadvertently reveal the secret five ‘codes’ to break the Illinois to obtain State funding for religious education by implementing School Choice of School Vouchers in Illinois already as other States have begun?

The Chicago Tribune article: Pritzker praised for signing Education Bill, reported the three codes in his following statements.

“Legislators Caucus …. addressing racial inequities in education,”

“no investment more important to the future of our state than in our students,”

“flat funding for schools,”

“new law also expands… “more money to schools with the greatest need”

 “invested in their God-given potential,”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient Bible request made along with a best seller book concept to finally remove the same inequity that was never understood in the hearts of citizens since right after the Civil War in violation of the Frist Amendment.

King Solomon

Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours?” Kings 1:9)

What’s My Point?

Most people have no understanding of the inequities and violations of their First Amendment Rights to freedom of religion enacted at the end of the Civil War. The war ended slavery but began the bigotry and inequity against at first Catholics and digressed to now include all religions.   

The inequity that occurred after the Civil War was to enact the Blaine Amendments to prevent States from funding Catholic schools for fear that the Pope would have power over voters in the USA. The Supreme Court in 2020 finally ruled the Blaine Amendments to be Amendments now makes it legal for States to fund private religious schools.

This means there now exists the opportunity for parents to choose to send their children to a private religious school to learn their religious values in depth because of the 2020 Supreme Court decision.

In other words, the Governor in his announcement just revealed the secret ‘codes’ how to end taxpayers’ funds to be allocated to fund the school of their choice and not have to pay two tuitions which most middle class and poor cannot afford. One tuition to fund public schools and one to fund private religious schools of hire choice.

All we need to do is understand how to relate the secret ‘DaVinci Codes ‘which I will explain in my following opinion.

In My Opinion

If we decipher the above five ‘code’ clues the Governor revealed, this is what needs to be done which is the same as was accomplished by the Black Caucus to right their racial educational inequities.

Voters must elect legislators to support school choice who will caucus to accomplish school choice or school voucher in the same way the Black Caucus succeeded.

There are no more important investment parents can make than to pass on their religious belief to the children. The best way in our contemporary times when both parents have to work to survive is to send their children to learn in depth the same religious beliefs of their parents were able to do when school tuitions were affordable, but has changed over time because anything the government becomes involved with will serve to raise prices, and sadly to reduce school scores achievements compared to most private religious schools.

In previous posts, I explained that flat funding would be less costly to taxpayers based on the differences in private education vs. public education.

Based on what we read and hear in the news about Chicago violence and shootings in manly high crime poor communities in Chicago, there is without a doubt “more need” to teach the Ten Commandments of which teach “thou shalt not kill, or steal. Or a host of other criminal actions now being experienced in Chicago and most urban areas in the Nation.

And the last clue statement of “invested in their God-given potential,” for the children will occur provided they are taught the belief in God which is unlawful to teach in a public school. Amen.

If Interested

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You Decide

Did the Governor’s Declaration provide the best clues ever to Interested break the secret codes to “Give me an understanding heart to lead our Nation back to reality and end the inequity of school choice or school vouchers and the First Amendment Right to freedom of Religion that has existed since the end of the Civil War in our Nation?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Chicago Tribune


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