Was legalizing recreational marijuana a clue to the motives for shootings in Chicago and most urban areas in USA?

The Chicago Tribune has been recording shootings every day in Chicago, but not the motives for the violence.

The Purpose for This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and opinion why the shootings will continue and perhaps increase over time.

King Solomon,

7For my mouth will speak the truth, and wickedness is detestable to my lips. 8All the words of my mouth are righteous; none are crooked or perverse. 9They are all plain to the discerning, and upright to those who find knowledge.…(Proverbs 8:7-9)

Idiom – Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

The assumption – in this office at least – was always that it was an anti-joke, an early introduction to the concept of irony. The chicken is simply trying to get where he is going. Why did you expect a punchline, moron? It’s the first joke you learn that feels clever rather than silly.

What’s My Point?

The truth of the Chicago Tribune running tally of shootings and victims can easily be discerned same as the above idiom, in my opinion.

My point is why it is being kept a secret is similar to an anti-joke irony which I will explain in my opinion.

In My Opinion,

When State legislators pushed to pass laws to make recreational marijuana legal and stores opened up in communities all over urban areas to make it more available for public use, it created a bigger market, or more users.

And in every marketer learns in Marketing 101, price is a factor, the cheaper the price, the bigger the market will develop.

Add to it that science has proven that a significant number of recreational users will become addicted to the pleasures of drugs will bridge into more potent drugs.

Add that since the beginning of recorded history of the USA, that everything that government becomes involved with, drives up the price of a service or commodity, and it is even more simple and ironic that price competition of commodities will develop as more and more black-market competitors compete with each other for territory.

In other words, by government involvement in regulations and making recreational drugs more available, the simple marketing theories of price competition for black market lower priced recreational drugs has increased along with increasing more hard drug addicts in urban areas.

And same as the Capone days in Chicago created more gang shootings to obtain more sales territories by shooting their competitors, we now have more users, more crime when addicts need money, more shootings.

Legislators who believed, that government will profit instead of criminals by legalizing recreational marijuana which every Marketing 101 knows, and every user of cigarettes knows, the human body and mind has a powerful driver that block the mind from controlling the body once the body becomes addicted.

If Interested,

Read the Source Links below

You Decide.

Is it possible that what I just explained was a truthful discernment of the chicken crossing the road irony to reveal the irony of government will ever profit from anything they become involved crossing over into other than what the following google search explains?

The purpose of government is to provide essential services, fulfill the fundamental duties of safety, prosperity, and justice, ensure the rights of each human and protect the country so that its citizens, businesses, and organizations have the ability the pursue happiness, live a healthy life, and chase opportunities.

Or is the google explanation missing one other essential service he includes which is to allow parents school choice or school vouchers. So, they can once again both afford to have their children taught their religious values to help them discern wisdom needed to pursue happiness, live a healthy life and chase virtuous instead of criminal opportunities in life instead of government marketing the means to help them become addicted to drugs?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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