Does it perhaps have anything to do with lack of trust in USA governing or in waning religion in the USA?

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I walked into a major sports store chain to by some fishing equipment and was amazed at the line of people waiting to buy guns.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and my opinion that the USA has lost trust in our government leaders.

King Solomon

Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked. (proverb 25:26)

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;(Proverb 3:5)


if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

if something is performing or functioning well enough, there’s no need to change or interfere with it (as you may introduce new problems as a result.

What’s My Point?

In ancient times in Israel, laws were based on religious beliefs which served to guide the communities to follow a path of moral behaviors. The judge did not interfere in family matters and allowed revenge if a family member was killed or harmed by someone according to the laws of Moses “wye for an eye”

In our contemporary times we pay taxes to fund the safety of our police and trust they will apprehend and right any criminal wrongdoing against an innocent in a jury trial.

However, police especially in urban areas need witnesses to apprehend a criminal, and jails to keep them held to prevent the criminals from taking revenge to prevent a witness to testify against them;/

However, the pendulum has changed and new laws and leadership are freeing criminals from jails which is now resulting in lack of trust that police have the ability to protect their communities anymore.

My point is people are buying guns because of three ancient motives, fear, trust, and lack of religious morals in our Nation.

In My Opinion

And we rightfully should be, in my opinion.

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You Decide

Is our present criminal law system “like a muddled stream” flowing like a broken faucet and Governor Pritzker just fixed it so we no longer need to buy a gun in Illinois or just the opposite?

Whether you live in a high crime area urban area or on a desolate farm, should you consider buying a gun knowing the police will only respond after a crime has been committed and the laws will allow the criminal out of jail to await trial for years before being tried and convicted for what he or she did to you or your loved ones?

Will the continued waning of religious beliefs in the USA because poor and middle-class families with both parents working need school choice or school vouchers to fund their choice of passing on their religious values for in depth understanding to benefit both their children and our Nation’s future?

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