Will the politicians and news media ever wise up and end the blame game “looney tunes?”

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Column: The real causes of the border crisis — and the real remedies, the writer blamed Trump for the border crisis, along with his opinion to solve the decades old problem.

“Giving people an avenue to come here legally in order to keep them from coming illegally? A crazy idea, but it just might work.”

The Purpose of this Post

Is to relate Bible verses about blame and an idiom instead of King Solomon never wrote any verses about blame because of his wisdom.

Idiom – a bad carpenter blames his tools

Meaning –

Proverb Said of someone who performs a job poorly or unsuccessfully but lays the blame on external factors, rather than taking responsibility for their own failure.

What’s My Point?

The columnist’s intention was to provide information of what happened in the past which King Solomon considered to be folly according to this following verse:

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is unwise of you to ask about this. Wisdom, like an inheritance, is good, and it benefits those who see the sun.(Ecclesiastes 7:9-10)

Excerpt Gils Commentary – Bible hub

and study to redeem the time, because the days are evil; and not arraign the providence of God, 

Regardless of what happened in the past, and since it is foolish to blame God for either the evil of foolish decision made by men in the past.

Or in other words, Same as a carpenter blames his tools for his mistake.

So, what are the tools to fix the border problems in the USA is the point?

In My Opinion

The tools of the USA government are the Constitution.

The Constitutions and legal opinions and interpretations state that the Federal Government is responsible for passing and enforcing laws.

In other words, when voter elect a legislator, regardless of political party affiliation to enact and enforce laws and then blame the previous political party for the problem. For example, for the last forty years the problem at the border has been ignored or not enforced, they are responsible regardless of what happened in the past.

In other words, voters are to blame for allowing the Federal Congress to keep the beat going on to just blame the other political party for ignoring the border problems for the last forty years, and then blame Trump for enforcing the laws in my opinion.

Also, in my opinion, the news columnist opinion was foolish to blame the previous legislators. As for his opinion to “Giving people an avenue to come here legally in order to keep them from coming illegally, is indeed crazy.

That is because whether it is legal or not to break a law, if we do not enforce our laws passed present, or future, the laws just same as the sounds of “loony tunes: being sung by Federal Legislators in Congress?

If Interested

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You Decide

Why are our taxes to pay salaries and electing the same legislators in the Federal Government to just pass laws and not enforce the laws and then allow them to blame the previous politicians?

Why should we read news columnists who do the same as the politicians and instead of passing crazy laws, pass crazy opinions that “just might work” same as legislators “looney tunes” to pass laws but do not enforce the laws hoping the laws “just might work?”

Are legislators emulating carpenters who blame their tools (laws) instead of themselves for passing laws and then blaming the other carpenters (legislators) for enforcing the laws of the Constitution because they believed when they took “an oath of office is a promise required of most federal officials to carry out the duties set forth in the U.S. Constitution,” instead of their personal opinions?

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