Who is the missing defendant in the puzzle to share the blame for his death?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Derek Chauvin trial: George Floyd’s girlfriend details their opioid addiction in emotional testimony, reported this following statement:

“Addiction, in my opinion, is a lifelong struggle. … It’s not something that just kind of comes and goes. It’s something I’ll deal with forever,” she said.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and my opinion to bring to light who is the missing puzzle defendant in this trial that is being kept in the dark.

King Solomon

Let beer (recreational drugs) be for those who are perishing, wine (medical drugs) for those who are in anguish! (Proverb 31:6)

Idiom – leave someone in the dark

If you keep someone in the dark or leave someone in the dark, you do not tell them about something in many cases, the government itself was being kept in the dark about what was going on. She thought you shouldn’t be left in the dark but should be told as soon as possible.

What’s My Point?

In a previous post, a DuPage County Sheriff made this statement:

“Hendrick said 80% of inmates enter the jail with an addiction, often with mental health issues to boot.”

The current government trend is to legalize recreational marijuana which the CDC states a percentage of users will become addicted to marijuana and may bridge to use more potent drugs and wind being a hard-core drug addict, same as the above “she said”: witness. In the George Floyd trial.

Yet when I read the news, I hear accolades being given to legislators for passing laws to add revenues going to government instead of street sellers of recreational marijuana.

We never seem to hear in the news any warnings about how the use of recreation marijuana drugs will shorten lifespans, and once someone becomes addicted the users will become slaves to illegal drug sellers and “80% of inmates enter the jail with an addiction, often with mental health issues to boot.”

We also never hear that the majority of illegal drugs enter from the southern border which President Biden and the Democrat Party has ended any further fencing to be built to aid border enforcement for “humanitarian” reasons.

My point is why isn’t this information being broadcast daily by all news media and government agencies advertisements? Is there some reason both government and citizens are being left in the dark about drug addiction health and crime statistics.?

In My Opinion

What needs to be done to lessen the crime arrests and courts consequences is government to provide free drugs to drug addicts instead of arresting them for committing crimes to obtain money to buy illegal drugs from street gangs.

While at the same time, government and media should advertise every day what every medical professional knows about the use of recreational drugs. They should only be used for medical reasons to alleviate pain and anguish, and for people who will soon perish and die.

Not to hasten their own sickness and death,

If we consider how the current politics to defund the police, policing costs, if 80 percent of the arrests, courts, and jail expenses would be reduced or eliminated by giving free drugs to the addicted instead of arresting them for the crimes they commit trying to obtain money to buy drugs from gangs who are killing each other for sales territory to profit from illicit drugs.

Then consider the cost of all the riots caused by the death of George Floyd compared to the costs of free drugs to drug addicts.

Hopefully in time as the message of government and potential users help enlighten them about the use of recreational drugs, it will end keeping both the government legislators and the users out of the dark.

If Interested

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You Decide

Is perhaps the reason recreational drugs profits have something to do with the reason why the USA is being kept in the dark by the news media and government?

Or is it because we voters are being kept in the dark by legislators who lack wisdom to see the light about who the missing defendant is in the George Floyd trial?

When will our legislators wise up to realize as more drugs become available and more people use recreational drugs and become addicted, the more crime will result and the need for more police and courts and crime cost more than giving free drugs to drug addicts and treating them for the addiction and mental issues that result?

Are the proponents of legalized recreational drugs and legislators who ignore the southern borders the missing puzzle defendants on the George Floyd trial?

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune


Idiom – Keep someone in the Dark


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